Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Feliz Ano Novo

I don't know if I should tell you this, but I am sick :) which is cool. I've been getting a solid 8 hours every night, and I feel like I haven't slept for two days. I'm currently working on trying to find the meds you packed, I'll get to it sooner or later. Thank goodness for those handkerchiefs.  But yeah, it was a good week and the food seems familiar sometimes. We had feijoada the other day and it was similar, but better :)  no offense to mom.

On a side note, one of the shops we went into today had really nice notebooks, with awesome designs on the front (video games and cars) and they were only 10-12 reais. I was very tempted to get one, just to use when I get back home haha. Like AC4, D3, The Order 1886(? Can you ask jake about that one?) and other really cool stuff. So that made me homesick a little haha. The pricing just does not make sense to me.

So, I'll try to get you my schedule sometime soon, maybe this e-mail session, maybe not. I don't really know what else to update you on, everything is just normal now. Some new elders arrived today, one from Scotland (really heavy accent), one from New Zealand, and one from California. They seem pretty cool, they're in our zone but they're just a trio by themselves. My companion is starting to get the hang of the language more, so that's better in our lessons. And he said a massive thank you for the card you sent him :) None of them have gotten any snail mail yet. But yeah, everything is going fine. We're already in our third week at the CTM. The days are long, but the weeks go by fast. So I don't know how that works out. Um...there's really nothing else. We're up to two investigators a day, plus a recorded lesson on Mondays and Thursdays. Our first recorded one was this past Monday, it was pretty painful; we hadn't quite planned everything out, and I forgot to take my PME with me, so I didn't really have the vocab/frases to ad-lib stuff that well. But whatever, can't wait to do that again.

Time's up. Love you guys! It was really fun to talk to you, don't worry about me at all :) Oh, and I am Elder Batman to more than a few people :)  Feliz ano novo :)


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