Monday, February 23, 2015

Vila Sônia - Week 4

Hey everyone! This week was pretty good. I had the condensed milk ice cream, it was great :)

We have one investigator, Vicente, who is pretty much for sure going to get baptized this Saturday. He has two kids, around 10-12 years old, and he's probably in his 40s. He's really awesome. When we taught him about the Word of Wisdom, the only thing he had a problem with was coffee, and he accepted to live it. When we left, we asked if we could help him by getting rid of the temptation for him (by taking the coffee with us and getting rid of it). And he said something like, "Oh, well it's in a pot, so I'll just put it in a bag really quick" and just like that, he let us take it! He's really humble and he wants to make the right decisions, which is awesome. He was a reference from somebody living in Praia Grande, so not in our area. But that's exciting for sure!

We did splits again this week, but I got an American missionary this time! He waited for his visa for a whole year, and so he only has three months here in Brazil. So he's a good missionary, but neither of us were that good with the language yet. But we knocked on the door of some Jehovah's Witnesses, which was fun, and we also met a Muslim family who spoke pretty fluent English. So that was a pretty cool day, not to mention that their house is air-conditioned, so it was a chilly 73 degrees. That day, the other missionaries (my companion and the other two elders) fixed the sink, which had completely fallen at that point. So we now have our kitchen back, which is great!

On Sunday, the pianist wasn't there again, so that was my job. Luckily, they notified me 45 minutes early, so I got to practice a bit. It's a real piano. And it's...mostly in tune :) Also, the time changed so we got an extra hour of sleep, which we desperately needed. And I also did some work on the computer of our neighbor (Irmã Barbara, pretty much our mom here) because it wasn't loading up. But that was just because it didn't have Windows or anything, so that's an easy fix.

Coxinha made by Irmã Barbara

Nothing else super interesting happened, but I am definitely improving with the language and everything is going well. We're teaching a lot of lessons (when the people are home) and we are lining up some people to get baptized, we just need to get them to church first. This area has a lot of potential though, I wouldn't mind staying here for a while.

Do you remember the story from the bible where the four people lowered the paralyzed guy down from a hole in the roof to get to Christ? Elder Richards related that to missionary work. We're the four people, and by bringing people to Christ, we ourselves get closer to Christ than we ever would by any other way (since it talks about the multitude being great and all of that). So anyways, just kind of a cool thought. I think the mission definitely helped to kind of give me a gospel kick in the butt and get me in the right direction. I hope you guys are studying your scriptures too :)

Thanks to everyone for the support, it means a lot. Lots of love from Brazil!
Elder Bratsman

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