Monday, March 16, 2015

Vila Sônia - Week 7

Hey everyone! It was another great week in Brazil, and my first great week with Elder Lindsey!

No baptisms, because Vicente wasn't in town to baptize his daughter Eduarda, and so she's waiting until this coming Saturday. We also have a date marked for Alfonso, a really great guy we've been teaching, and for Edivaldo and Patricia, a family that we've been teaching. They're marked for the 28th, because they still haven't been to church. Alfonso has already had some really awesome spiritual experiences/confirmations, so he's just working on some Word of Wisdom stuff.

And at our last lesson with Edivaldo and Patricia, Edivaldo started off by saying that he didn't really believe that the Book of Mormon was true, because it didn't say anything about Joseph Smith in the Bible, and stuff like that. I just asked, "Well, can I ask if you read and prayed about the part of the Book of Mormon that we left you?" And of course, he said he hadn't :) So it's just kinda interesting, I was thinking later that night that it's so awesome that we don't have to have the Bible memorized and quote scriptures to support our point of view. We can, but it's so much easier to just invite the investigator to get a spiritual confirmation for themselves. It's easier than debating scripture, and the effects will last you longer anyways. So that was kinda neat.

Other than that, Sunday we were stuck in the house all day, since there were some pretty big protests. Nothing happened in our area, obviously, but we got some good studying/organizing in nonetheless.
  • The feeling about not knowing what to write, is something I had the first couple of weeks in the CTM. But then I started writing in my planner, in the notes for P-days, the things I wanted to write home about. And then I never forgot! :) So there's an idea, write it down! With your fancy digital electronic devices! :)  
  • I've only had allergies in houses with cats, I don't think I've had any seasonal type stuff. 
  • It's starting to cool down here a little bit, so just thought I'd make you jealous for a second :)  
  • We cleaned the kitchen pretty good today, so hopefully it'll be better. Still going to try to not dirty dishes though. 
  • And, just so you know, I bought ANOTHER two tubes of the toothpaste. Because I feel like the cheap price won't last for long. So...I should be stocked for most, if not all of my mission. Haha :) (It's LESS than 1 single dollar for a 140g tube of toothpaste! How awesome is that? :) also, I found a liter of chocolate milk for less than a dollar, too. Like 2,75 reais or something) 
  • I am using my water bottle, we don't usually have filtered water so I just keep it stocked up, in the fridge at home. It's too much of a pain to carry around with me, and we can get water wherever we want anyways. That's a good door-knocking technique, actually. 
  • And yeah, McDonald's was kinda a weird experience. Tasted very familiar, which was nice. I think we might go again this week, because somebody left us money again for lunch. Fingers crossed! :)

The haircut I got today

Not too much else happened this week, we're just teaching more first lessons to people and trying to find more people that sincerely want to change! Which is a little tough here, everyone is okay with hearing about Christ and the word of God and stuff, but as soon as you ask them to do something about it they're not quite as willing. That's what we're here for, though! :) Thanks to everyone for your support and prayers. Until next week!

Elder Bratsman

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