Monday, April 20, 2015

Vila Sônia - Week 12

Unfortunately we only have a 1/2 hour on the PC today, so this is going to have to be the only e-mail I write, and it'll be short. Sorry :( But it's so weird that I have 4 months out here already. It kinda feels like it's been 4 months, but at the same time it doesn't feel like that at all.

As for transfers, the only person who got transferred in our house was Elder Zenger :( Which I was super sad about, he's an awesome guy. My piano practice buddy is gone :/ But I guess that will probably mean that I get more time to practice to myself, haha. That's terrible. But yeah, I won't have a pupil anymore. He went off to Ala 3, which is in São Vicente I think. It's a nicer area than here, so I hope he'll feel better about that and that he'll have more success than he had here. So Elder Lindsey and I are sticking it out for at least one more :) Another Brazilian Elder came in to replace Zenger, so that will be fun. He speaks more English than Elder S. Reis does, so maybe we'll actually be able to have conversations and stuff. I already knew him fairly well, (Elder de Oliveira), since he was in my zone my first transfer here. But yeah, so that's the transfer.

And about the Chick-fil-A frozen lemonade...that's not fair :( There literally could not be a more perfect drink for Brazil, and they don't have it. But, I bought some frozen lime pulp stuff, so I'll be having some of that this week. Not the same though :(

My shoes are holding up very well. Last P-day, I had time to shine and put mink oil on one pair, so they are looking awesome. I hadn't done that before, to my normal walking shoes anyways. Kinda funny though, after I put the mink oil on and we were walking to our commitments, my shoes attracted sand like nothing I've ever seen before :) It was kinda funny, I don't know if I did it right or not. Polish first and then mink oil? And for the oil, just use the same brush as the polish? Don't get mad at me for not knowing, I was not prepared in that aspect :) But it's kinda funny anyways. They look good still though. Everything is also holding up well, as far as I know.

Valéria's family has been doing better. We haven't visited them since we had dinner with them last Tuesday (which was awesome, by the way :) ) and as far as we've heard their son, João, has been causing a few troubles. He got expelled from school apparently (which I didn't know could happen in Brazil) and so Valéria has been drinking and smoking more I guess. So...hopefully we get to talk to them today, and we can give her a blessing to help.

Rogério is doing awesome. He's had a little trouble getting a testimony, because he's very intellectual and he says he's never really been able to think emotionally. But he's reading and praying, so it's just a matter of time. I wish I had more investigators to talk about, but it's been a little rough this past week. Lots of stuff fell, and so we didn't accomplish as much as we wanted. One interesting fact, since we've started doing contacts every day we contacted 450 people this last transfer, in the last 4 weeks. Which is pretty cool.

Thank you for everything Mom. By the way, your card made Irmã Barbara cry a little bit. I didn't actually see her cry, but she stopped talking and then we left before I saw her really cry. But she cried :) She said that it was moments like that that made everything worth it, and that it was priceless. And thank you so much for the other cards, they always make my day. Which is usually a Tuesday :) The IMPACT card was sweet, I'm excited for the next ones :)

Also, one interesting thing I learned this week is that you can get skinnier by eating dark chocolate, if you eat 6g (one squareish) per day, for breakfast or lunch. Thought you might like to know that.

Um...I think that's all I have time for, sorry it was so rushed. I'll have more of everything next week. Don't worry about me, I bought more Nutella today so I've been having some awesome PB Nutella sandwiches, and Granny Smith apples (8 reais a kilo, but it's so worth it) and some other stuff, so I'm doing just fine :)


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