Monday, May 4, 2015

Vila Sônia - Week 14

Yesterday, Rogerio came to church, plus Denilson (brother of Diego) and Iago and Leandro (brother of Iago). So...I'd like to have more adults coming to church, but so far it's just kids. Hopefully we'll be able to baptize Rogerio this Saturday. It's interesting, we honestly have way too many people to teach and way too many references to contact, we could never have enough time in the day.

I feel like I'm in a safe area, but whenever we have conferences with other missionaries they always ask how I haven't been robbed yet, with my watch and being in Vila Sonia :) I genuinely haven't seen anything like that go on though. Just a lot of drugs, that's the worst thing here. That I've seen. And, our ward mission leader Anderson was walking home with us after doing some visits, and we were walking right by our huge hobo forest (I'll try to maybe get some pictures eventually), and he said that there's a lot of corpos in the forest, and a lot of people get killed back there. So that was a little spooky. Explains the vultures, haha. But honestly, I feel safe. We're always home before 9:30, which isn't late, and we do our best to stay on safe roads and such. So I'm okay, don't worry :)

I can't even imagine what California will be like, I'm just excited to get a tour of it when I get back :)

Of course we have cockroaches here. They haven't been super bad though, just occasionally we see one and we stomp it and sweep it outside. I do keep my suitcases zipped up though, I don't need anything living in there for 6 weeks before I find it. Elder Richards had a couple cockroaches in his suitcases, if I remember right. Which is not cool.

We had a cold front (I guess) pass through on Wednesday or Thursday or something, so it was 70 in our room! It was funny, I actually used one of my sweaters that I packed during our study time. In 70 degrees, haha :) Isn't that sad? But then it wasted no time in heating right back up, so it was just a teaser :( It needs to cool down for real, though.

I thought about Jake this week, about what it will be like when he leaves on his mission, and how I'll feel. I'll probably feel worried about him, even though I know I was fine. Just not knowing what he's up to and stuff.

Just one thing I wrote down to tell you, last P-day I got some chocolate croissants at the supermarket here (for lunch, obviously), and it reminded me of that one time when we got chocolate croissants and hot chocolate together (I don't really remember where we were...I feel like it was Seattle but I have no idea why I think that). But yeah, just kinda a fun memory. I really should have kept a journal, even if it was just of fun memories that I had with you guys. As I remember them here, I'll write them down. I'll keep all my planners, with all my notes and stuff. That'll be fun to show you guys :)

And HAPPY STAR WARS DAY!!! :) I'm pretty proud I remembered it. I don't think we're going to do anything really Star Wars-themed today, but I think we'll eat at a lanchonete (little mini-restaurant kinda thing) to celebrate. So that'll be nice. And we're going to get all the stuff to make Grandma's salsa today, and I'll get cucumbers and vinagre (how do you spell that in English? Vinager? that looks weird) to do some makeshift pickles. But yeah, may the fourth be with you today :)

I'm also super excited for Sunday, it'll be good :) Just try not to take up too much time with crying, hahaha :)

From this last week...Thursday, we had a ward activity with a food competition (us missionaries competed against the young men to make a better sub, but we had to leave early on account of our curfew, so I don't actually know who won. I feel like we did, though, with our American experience).

Then Labor Day was good, lots of people were home so it was a good opportunity to get some visits in. Plus, some random Brazilian girl said my hair was beautiful. Which was cool, I guess :)

Then yesterday, there was the huge championship finals between Santos and Palmeiras. So, for a good 3 hours yesterday, NOBODY was outside (only the people who like the Corinthians, the 3rd team that got beat out. Haha :) ). And every single goal that anyone made, everybody started shouting and letting off a TON of fireworks. I don't even know where they buy them, but I'm tempted to say they go through more than Epcot, for the fireworks show :) And then after Santos won, people started driving through the streets on motorcycles wearing the Santos team's flag as a cape and honking and yelling and stuff. Quite interesting.

Also, at lunch that day, we helped Erika in the branch get unpacked a bit in her house next to us, and I had juice with ants in it :) Following in Dad's footsteps, you know. So that makes two member neighbors that we have.

Also learned the recipe for the really good pudim [pudding] that they have here. It's one box of condensed milk (I think that's about 400 mL, but I don't remember exactly), 2 eggs, and 1 liter of milk. And then you put all that in those big donut kind of pans, and put that pan in a pot of water and leave it cooking on the stove for 30 minutes or something. I don't know if any of that is replicable, but there you go :)

Not too much happened besides that this week, we're just trying to work on getting our short lessons down so that we can start teaching a ton of lessons to random people on the street. A lot of the stuff we're doing is just numbers, which feels kinda weird. But goals are good.

Um...I think that's pretty much it for this week. Sorry I've stopped doing a nice organized update, it just takes a bit too much time :/ So, until Sunday! Agh! :)


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