Monday, June 1, 2015

Rio Branco - Week 1

Well...Rio Branco is pretty interesting. First of all, the house is a fair bit nicer than Vila Sônia, it's a lot bigger (2 bathrooms!  What?!) and generally nicer. The area is poorer, though. Not very many paved roads. So that's fun.

The bus ride over was actually a miracle. Before, I had just kinda said a tiny prayer, asking for some help to know how to get there and stuff like that (because I was told to get off in front of a big market that I'd never heard of, and I didn't know what numbers of Ônibus I was supposed to catch. So I was pretty worried. And so I got on the right Ônibus, but the 3 luggages was a huge pain. They were hard to keep control of, so they kinda fell over a fair amount and stuff like that. I felt awful, because the bus was of course full of people and I was being a huge pain in the butt with my huge suitcases.  So yeah, up until then it was embarrassing and awful. But then, after the suitcases practically fell over onto somebody, one of the ladies sitting down said "Elder, put your suitcase right here". And guess who it was? A MEMBER OF RIO BRANCO. And her daughter. They were literally going to the exact same place, on the exact bus that I got on. It was a huge miracle to me. They were able to help me to get to the house, because they knew where it was, and they helped me with my luggage.  They even got off with me at a different stop that was WAY closer to the house than the stop I was going to get off at. So yeah, that just goes to show you, even when you really don't deserve it, Heavenly Father blesses you anyways. 

So the Elders I'm with are: Elder Lemes, my companion, a Brazilian from Rio Grande do Sul or something like that; Elder Evans, an American from Texas who's really cool; and Elder Vasconcelos, a Brazilian from the northeast, who is from my same group. So we both have the same time on the mission, and we're both the senior companions. Elder Evans has around a year on the mission, I think. It's interesting having a Brazilian companion. I think it will help me to get a better accent maybe. Other than that, I miss having an American companion to talk to in our secret language (just kidding, we didn't do that a lot). But it's good that Elder Evans is there, or I'd be a very lonely American. My companion is...not bad. He has one more transfer than me, so he's a junior companion because of some obedience issues. So that's what I'm here for. I have to try to get him (and me) to work hard and to get stuff done.  

The chapel is...different. It makes me miss Vila Sônia. The piano is...NONEXISTENT. They just have a small dumb organ. I was crushed when I saw that thing sitting on the side of the room. Apparently, there's a piano in another chapel kinda closeish to our area. Which we go to whenever we have baptisms I think. So I'll be baptizing a lot, just to play piano :) No, just kidding. Not just for that :) But yeah. There is a guitar in our house, which is cool. I guess I'll just be switching instruments for the time I'm here.

This LAN house is awful, so I'm kinda frustrated by now. I really only hate two things in this world, people and slow computers. :)  UGH.  I don't have that much time left, because the computer thought it would be better to freeze and then not do anything else.

But this week was alright. We didn't do many contacts at all, and we didn't teach many lessons at all. So not a lot is going right. The Brazilian Elders here haven't been very nice to Elder Evans, just cause he is still learning the language. So, yeah. I hope next week I have some happier news to tell. I see a huge difference from last transfer and now. None of the Elders in our house think that much of obeying the rules (schedule, etc.) and so it's really hard to keep focused on the work. So I hope I'll be able to change that. 

I have been sleeping really well (just not enough, of course), it's been pretty cool lately. I've never had a problem sleeping here. 

Sorry for the short e-mail, and the lack of pictures. P-day was a bit of a mess, we did a deep cleaning of the house. 

Until next week!

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