Monday, June 22, 2015

Rio Branco - Week 4

E-mail-Monday again! (because that's the only thing I care about on P-days. That and food)

I loved your pictures, I feel like I don't even know you people anymore, in this unfamiliar place doing unfamiliar things. Only the clothes that you guys wear are the same :) Really weird though, and kinda sad, but not too much. Just weird. Like, "who are these people? Whose pictures am I looking at?" So what DO you do if a real earthquake hits? I have to study up! I'm super jealous that you guys have soft grass over there. We don't really have grass, just dog poo, as I've mentioned. Laying on grass in Florida is like laying in an iron maiden (be sure to Bing that if you don't know what it is, it's not the band).

I talked to Sister Cabral today about me using sunglasses, and she approved! YES! :) Because I told her about the surgery, and she said that President did it too, and so she understood how it made you more sensitive and stuff. Anyways, success! 

And AWESOME job on killing Jake in ping pong, he deserves it. I haven't said this before, but ping pong is pretty popular here. Lots of kids will just find a door, put it on some supports, and find some piece of who knows what for a net, and will play ping pong in the street. Pretty funny. 

As for my week, it was pretty cool. We had a baptism, with Thiago. He's the son of a member, a little younger than 30. His interview was a little interesting. Elder Lemes and I did a practice interview before, just to see if we would need to reteach something, and when we got to the questions about a serious crime, he basically said "Define serious..." haha. Not really, but yeah. Anyways, he was involved in a lot of stuff, and he was really high up (he had a house, car, everything that he wanted). This was more than a few years ago, obviously. We asked him if he had ever killed someone, and he said that he had been involved in situations where he had definitely shot someone a couple times, but that he didn't know if he had killed them, because he "never looked back". Which is sad and scary, but also really gangster. Literally, really gangster. Anyways, President authorized our District leader to do the interview, who said that during the interview, they had a prayer to ask for forgiveness, and Thiago started crying. So they both felt like he was forgiven. So that was really cool! 

And so he was baptized this Saturday, along with 5 other people (4 just from Elder Evans and Vasconcelos, the other dupla in the house). Which was a really interesting baptism, unfortunately I don't really have time to describe it. Really...drawn-out, with lots of problems baptizing the people (except for Thiago, his was the only normal one!). And I played the Baptism Hymn again, which went really well, and helped to end the night on a spiritual note. It was so drawn-out that we got back to the house at 10:30, and we're supposed to be SLEEPING at 10:30. So yeah. Anyways, that's the big news I think.

Can you spot Elder Bratsman?

Earlier today, we had a free vaccine for gripe (flu?) with the whole mission, which was fun. Also, I weigh 152 lbs! Which I hope is because of the exercises that I've been doing, but maybe not.
Until next week! 

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