Monday, June 29, 2015

Rio Branco - Week 5

I have so much e-mailing to catch up on, it's unreal. Sooo much to do, and 2 hours is not enough. And yes, I got [Goodman's] package! It was great. Well, still is great. They put in 4 POUNDS of peanut butter (caraca! :) A brazilian exclamation that I like, emphasis on the second-to-last syllable. There's your mini Portuguese lesson for the week, even though I don't really know what it translates to. Hope it's not a palavrão. ... after a quick google translate, it means woah :) Even better). So the peanut butter has been my breakfast for the past week, I'm about 3/4 through the first one. And by that, I mean that ONLY the peanut butter has been my breakfast, that and some bananas that I bought at a market. But yeah, having a jar of peanut butter and a spoon during personal studies is AWESOME. And they sent a pack of Swedish Fish (also awesome!), and a pack of sour jelly bellies, and Warheads! Very nice stuff, I've been pretty happy because of that. And then a pack of Smore's Oreos (kinda surprising, in a nice way), and a bag of Fritos (which I plan to eat with salsa sometime soon, just that we haven't gotten our money yet, so it might have to wait until next week). It was a very awesome package :)

One day, we went running for our exercises, down about 10 minutesish to some abandoned train cars. All rusty and dewey and way taller than they look, it was a little bit uneasy standing on top of them hahaha. People probably live in some of them too, I'm not sure. We saw a couple of guys out there too. Homeless guys, I mean. But yeah, that was fun. I think it was the first time I'd used my sneakers since the CTM, good to give them some exercise too.

One thing we have found in the supermarket is guaraná syrup, which you mix in water to make juice of guaraná. Pretty much, anyways. And it's not soda, so I think we're allowed to drink it. It's pretty good. Also they have groselha syrup, which I think is gooseberry.

They put up a little theme park in our area. With a small ferris wheel and everything. Pretty funny looking. 

We can have a bad-smell competition if you guys want. The latest bad smell here has been marijuana. Lots and lots and lots of marijuana. 

I don't think I have any really big news from this last week...Elder Vasconcelos said something funny on Sunday, when I was in my suit and sunglasses and such: "Que bicho lindo!!!" [What a cute bug] Hahaha, pretty funny. Other than that...not much. Oh...I fell. Haha. We were walking on this super muddy road, and...yeah. Fell a little bit. I didn't get anything dirty really, just my arm a little and my bag a little. Luckily, I didn't fall INTO the mud, just because of the mud. So my companion had a good laugh about that. -.-  

That's pretty much it! Sorry for the shortish e-mail :( Just not too much to report I guess. Next week should be a good deal more exciting, for one reason or another. Thank you so much for the e-mails, and love, and support!

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