Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Rio Branco - Week 9

So this week...we had a service project where we helped an irmão [brother] build a second floor onto his house. Really all we did was help him break little pathways in the already-done walls so that he could put the electric conduits in for the outlets. But it was really cool! I got a little bit of pedreiro [mason] experience!

Also today was a pretty awesome P-day. Started out running with the other Elders (6 of us, since the district leaders came and stayed the night) to the trains to take pictures again. And then we went exploring in the jungle! Weird to think that I was actually in a jungle in Brazil. Because it looked pretty similar to Florida, just a lot more mud and less sand.

And then we had a relaxing day, which was nice. Made another cake (Elder Vasconcelos is having chocolate cake cravings for some reason). And I'm sad because my sour candies and my Starbursts are almost gone :( But I'll ration very carefully. Or I'll try to, I make no promises.

Our golden family caiu (I can't really figure out a good translation for that. Fell I guess, but sounds weird in English), because the mom didn't think she'd be able to quit smoking on account of some personal problems that are distracting her efforts. But with Elvis it's going really good, he's progressing. We really need to find more people though, this area seems to be a little rougher for finding people. I don't know though, we'll keep trying.

We played SUDopoly again today with another dupla of missionaries. And there's one missionary, Elder Gomes, who has MUNCHKIN! We didn't have time to play it today, but I'm thinking it might have to be a P-day soon...I couldn't believe it when I saw he had the box. In Portuguese and everything. I can't help but feel like a lot of the witty puns would go over my head though. Unfortunately. Made me think of you guys though.

One thing that I've learned about myself since becoming a trainer...it'd have to be that I have a lot of stuff to work on, haha. Seriously, lots of stuff to improve. But also that I've progressed a lot since 7 months ago. It's ridiculous how much I've learned.

One interesting thought that Sister Cabral shared in a zone conference last week, is about temples. Missionaries talk a lot about how they can't go the temple on their mission, and moms with small children is the same thing. But Sister Cabral said that we don't have to worry about losing revelation or anything like that, because all the temple is is a house of learning, where the Lord teaches us. On the mission, our MISSION is the temple. And moms with small children were just sent a small little person straight from heaven, so that experience is the temple for them. Really cool. Sorry I can't explain better, it'd take too long and this keyboard is frustrating me. Because both are just as holy as the temple, if we allow them to be. Blew my mind a little. That's what my mission has been like, just a long series of mind explosions.

Um...I can't really remember what else happened this week. I got lazy and didn't bring my journal, again. So...yeah! I'd better get going, lots of stuff to do still and only 1 hour left. So, I think that's it! I hope you guys have an awesome week in the AWESOME U S of A!

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