Monday, August 3, 2015

Rio Branco - Week 10

Our week was okay. Found a couple who seem to have potential, William and Laura (maybe I already talked about them, no idea), and I think one other person who actually showed interest when I did the contact. Nobody wants anything to do with us here. One lady called us a perturbação [disturbance], which was pretty funny. But yeah, seems less friendly here. Even the porteiros [door men] don't like us that much. Which is kinda discouraging, keeps feeling like I'm doing something wrong. And who knows, I probably am. :)

One big development in the culinary department is that I ate powdered milk! I guess that's a thing that they do here. I guess it's the same thing as powdered milk anyways. So I have a challenge for you Yankees. You have to buy a container (I don't even know what it comes in over there) of powdered milk, and then...get a spoon and eat it! Just the powder, plain, with nothing else. It's very strange, because it tastes like super strong, dry milk. Which is kinda exactly what it is, but I had never thought about just eating it. They LOVE it over here. So yeah. Go eat some powdered milk. Just don't breathe it, 'cause you'll probably die. 

I made some more salsa today to go with the Goodmans' Fritos that they sent like 3 months ago. So I hope it turns out. 

I can't remember anything else that happened. Which is pretty much all that I wrote in my journal too, just a lot of "I don't know what else to write"s. Kinda boring week I think. They've been remodeling our chapel...which is probably just giving me false hope that we'll get a real (electronic) piano before I get transferred. Which I know won't happen, but it's nice to dream. 

Also, I'm sad to report that all of my American candy is gone. It was a sad day, but they were awesome while they lasted. So, yeah! Until next week!

Editor's note:  This is a write-up Michael did for the mission's monthly newsletter.


  1. So is he writing it all in Portugese and you're translating it?

  2. So is he writing it all in Portugese and you're translating it?

    1. No, thank goodness! :) He writes to Dayne in Portuguese, but his letter to me is always in English!