Monday, August 17, 2015

Rio Branco - Week 12

8 months! Woo! It's...CRAZY. I have as much time here as Elder Lindsey did when he was first my companion, in my 2nd transfer. Crazy stuff.

Also, I guess I'll talk about the transfer now too. So I'm staying in Rio Branco with Elder Moreira! I'm pretty happy about that, we can actually baptize the people that we prepared last transfer! But, Elder Vasconcelos got moved to an area pretty close to here. Which is sad. We had a good tie exchange (finally have a pink tie! :) ) and I also gave him a shirt and shorts of pajamas (starting to cut down while I can), and one of the pictures from Grandma Bratsman, of Christ calming the storm (a story that he absolutely loves). And I also got one of the coins of the Olympics! Since the Olympics are coming up here, they're minting all-new 1 real coins, with a certain sport on the back. So I have cycling now! They're beautiful coins, one thing that the US doesn't have. So that was nice of him :) There's an Elder coming over here who I don't know. So yeah, that was the transfer! 6 more weeks in Rio Branco!

Me and Elder Vasconcelos. He is a cool Elder, I'll miss him.

But, the biggest news of all time is still coming up! There's......A NEW PIANO IN OUR CHAPEL!!!!!! WOOO!!!! :D I'm so unbelievably happy. They finally installed the new piano, and it is GORGEOUS! Probably the most beautiful thing that I've ever seen in my whole entire life. It's electronic, so it doesn't take up too much space, and it's just perfect. Full length, it has a pedal...perfect! No more stupid organning! So I'm going to be getting a lot more practice now, which is a huge relief.

As for our lessons...some are with people in houses, but a lot are just on the road. At a bus stop, for example. We hardly talk to people on buses anymore, mostly because we don't take buses anywhere. We don't have a reason to, unless we go somewhere on Pday. Oh, and I just thought of something. Go look up "Behold the Wounds in Jesus' Hands" on the web by Motab. And look at the lyrics. It's such a good song! You'll like it.

I kinda ran out of time a little bit, so I'll include more stuff about my week next week. Also, August 9th was Father's Day here, which I forgot to congratulate Dad. I can't remember if it's also Father's Day over there, but if you could wish him a very delayed Feliz Dia dos Pais for me, that'd be great :)

A picture of the Plan of Salvation that I drew in my Livro de Mormon.
Pretty slick, if I do say so myself. It helps so much to teach that with a picture. 

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  1. Great drawing of the plan of salvation! I remember my Brazilian missionaries doing something like that. :)