Monday, August 31, 2015

Rio Branco - Week 14

I have a story to tell you :) So we were walking back home from the area of the supermarket, about 20-25 minutes away from our house. I think this happened Saturday. Yeah, it was Saturday. At 8:45ish at night, we were just going to go straight home. And then all of a sudden this guy rides up alongside of us on a bicycle. I was walking next to Elder Moreira, but Elder Moreira was in between me and this guy, so I didn't really pay that much attention. I just thought that he was a homeless guy or something asking for food. But then the guy said "Assalto. Passa tudo!" [Give me everything!], and he raised up his jacket to show us that he had what may have been a gun. I don't think it actually was, but it sounds cooler to say that it was a gun. So basically what happened was that he asked for our watches, which Elder Moreira actually laughed out loud about because his was kinda falling apart anyways, which I think unnerved the guy, because he forgot (or something, I don't know) to ask for our wallets. He also asked for the cellphone, which is a joke too. We showed him what it was, and he was like "yeah you can keep that". Hahaha :) So we just handed over our watches and he rode off into the casinhas [little houses]. Which was really flippin' annoying! I liked that watch. But luckily, he didn't ask for anything else. Or he was just dumb. So yeah! That's my mission's robbery story, which I hope will be the last. Don't worry about me, I'm safe. We were on a main road at night, is all. Pretty dumb place for a robbery, but whatever. It was a lot less dramatic than I had imagined a robbery would be. It was super lame. We just gave a guy our watches, because he asked for them. Not nearly as cool as Dad's story, but oh well. Probably wouldn't be a mission in Brazil if I wasn't robbed once :) So yeah. Obviously, I learned nothing, and this morning Elder Moreira and I went to the center of São Vicente to buy new watches, hahaha. Because I can't live with just a watch that doesn't have a stopwatch, to mark my Rubik's Cube times :) At least I took a picture of the old watch, I can show it to my grandkids and tell them that this was the watch that got stolen from me in Brazil :) Anyways, pretty cool, right? 

About the weather...HA! Winter, my foot! We've only had a couple cool days this week, and it rained once. Which made it cool off. But the majority of the days are hot and sunny still. Which is pretty stupid. I was looking forward to a lot better winter than the one that we had. I think it's probably spring now, or close to it. 

Blessings that I received this week...I think that I was pretty blessed during the robbery, to not have more stuff taken away. (not that I was carrying anything valuable) Also, we were blessed to be able to take Cristina to church again, so she'll get baptized this Saturday! And we had a pretty cool ward activity on Friday, and they had a cotton candy machine there! Huge blessing! :) I think in general also, I was blessed with a lot of knowledge. I've been reading the student's manual on the Book of Mormon, and it has a TON of cool insights and new stuff. I actually understand Jacob 5 and the Isaiah chapters really well now! :D Which is a blessing and a half. My Livro de Mórmon is going to be one marked up masterpiece this time next year. But yeah! :) 

Today, I found the BASKETBALL Olympics coin, which is slick. [Here are] pictures of all the coins that I have so far:

Have an awesome week! 

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  1. Well, guess it's the month of robbery for our boys! I agree--good thing they didn't lose anything too irreplaceable!