Monday, September 14, 2015

Rio Branco - Week 16

So, I've got some news for you guys...this Thursday, I will have 9 months here in Brazil! What?! And so, next transfer is the transfer of General Conference already, which is crazy. And then the transfer after that, I'll have 1 YEAR! And then the week after, it's Christmas! What the heck! It's going by super fast. Only two weeks left with Elder Moreira I'm pretty sure, so I'll try and make the most of it :) I've really liked him. So anyways, that's pretty weird to think about. Weird stuff.

Looks like I'm the official mission pianist from now on, so I'm preparing more for the mission hymn, and also the Baptism children's song that President Cabral loves.

Some interesting stuff from this week...I had a beijinho [little kiss] for the first time! Which is NOT what the translation will probably say. It's pretty much a brigadeiro, but instead of regular chocolate it's with coconut! I think it might have white chocolate too, but I'm not sure. It's pretty good with the coconut, although regular brigadeiro is still better.

Also, yesterday was the birthday of Elder Dias, and we had lunch with the best family in the ward! We let them know that it would be his birthday, and so she made an AWESOME pineapple cake. Super super super good.

Also, I think that I saw a dog with rabies for the first time in my life. Chasing after me and getting way too close to my legs for my liking. Rabies here is called "raiva" I guess, which is the same word for anger. So, I thought that my companion just told me that the dog going after me was angry. But it actually had rabies. Didn't bite me though, so it's all good :)

The hardest thing this week was...the rain, it made doing our contacts a lot harder. So on Saturday we were behind on our lessons and contacts. But, some sort of miracle happened, and we were able to teach 16 lessons! All of them on the road, to people we'd never met, but we got some good addresses! Well actually, it was 17 lessons including English class. So that was pretty cool.

Until next week!

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