Monday, September 21, 2015

Rio Branco - Week 17

So, this time next week, I'll know about the transfer! Maybe I'll be in another place! Which is nerve-wracking, as usual. I'll probably be in another place, so wish me luck on the move! :)

It's kinda fun to play the mission hymn, except the missionary who wrote it did some things that are kinda frustrating in the music. Why can't everyone be a perfectionist??

And I've started making smoothies for breakfast! Banana and apple and chocolate, obviously. They're turning out pretty good. This week, I'm going to try something...different. They have this thing here called pa├žoca, which is like a...peanut candy sorta thing. Don't really know how to describe it. It's good. So I am going to try blending that up with some banana and chocolate powder. I don't have a lot of faith in the peanut butter part, but it's worth a try!

Also this week, we stopped by Bob's Sorveteria and got milkshakes. I got chocomenta, which is chocolate and mint. It was pretty awesome, it helped with the heat.

It's funny that you talked about 9 months in the womb, that's a thing that the missionaries say here. I think I have grown a lot though. It's probably comparable to my first 9 months of life. :)

Also, I am getting a little bit tired of my umbrella. It's really awesome, but it's already got some holes and one of the arms has been broken for a long time, and it's getting stuck constantly when I deploy(?) it, so I might have to buy another one before long. Luckily, they're like 7 American dollars for a pretty good one, so that's not a problem. It fought the good fight, though :) 9 months of solid use is a long time. I'm surprised that I'M not more beaten up, after this long.

I just noticed right now that I haven't coughed in a while. I'm probably a TON healthier than I was back home...all this walking and such.

Yeah, Jake's a spoiled brat [with his new bike]. All the kids would go CRAZY here to have a bike like that.

I had another Saturday miracle this week! I was behind in my contacts again, and somehow (I don't even remember it very well) I managed to talk to 70 people in the day! Which was pretty cool.

Oh, we did splits with our District Leader. I went with him, and Elder Moreira stayed in our area with his annoying companion :) Pretty funny. But I stayed in the house with Elder Jenson, the other American. He's super awesome, it's sad he's leaving a week from now. But we're going to do another exchange this week, so that'll be great!
Anyways...that was pretty much my week!

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