Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Samambaia - Week 2

First off, sorry I didn't write this yesterday. It was Children's Day here in Brazil, which is actually a special holiday. So all the LAN Houses were closed. But, it's here now!

Haha, yeah the electricity got turned back on.  Hot showers are incredible.

Good news is, that I DID get your package! :D  It was so funny and made me smile for the whole night. Everything was just so perfect, the Jelly Beans (that's a good way to send over soda ;)  and also other foods that don't exist here, haha) and Poptarts and maple extract and everything was just so perfect. The candy corn went quickly, because I lost my self-control :)  But I'm trying to do better and enjoy it for longer. The other Elders liked the jelly bellies a lot, except for the blueberry flavor. Not sure why they didn't like it, but there you go :)  The Cube is AMAZING! I wasn't sure if it was in Japanese or whatever on purpose, because you guys wanted to give me a rough time, but I made it! That same night, actually, I figured it out :)  It's so fun. The instructions are fairly straightforward, after all :D  I was having a kinda rough day the day that I got it actually, so it made everything a lot brighter.

The hardest thing this week...was going to Santos on Friday to get materials for the zone. Just because it was super hot and we had to bring back 3 boxes (1, I won't complain, because it was for me, but the other 2 were Books of Mormon, super heavy, and other materials). I had to take a cold shower when we got home, because it was so debilitating. But then your package was the biggest blessing :)  It made everything amazing and so much happier. By the way, the Brazilians are addicted to the York patties. They're saying that it's the food of the gods and stuff like that, which is super funny :)

So, stuff that happened this week...nothing much really. We've had two district meetings since the last e-mail, which went fine. Santos on Friday, as I explained...it was a pretty normal week though. Saturday my district was supposed to have a bunch of baptisms, but every single one of them ended up falling through, which was kinda sad. Thankfully, the sisters had made a super awesome cake which made up for it :)

Also, RĂ³mulo gave me a job opportunity when I get home.  He's going to do online videos teaching people in English and Portuguese how to do all sorts of things, and he wanted me to help him teach something. He'll just make money from YouTube and ads and stuff like that. Which is tempting, but...no. :)  He was super serious though.

But I think that's pretty much it really. I'm getting used to all my responsibilities and all that sort of thing. I hope you didn't have a heart attack when I didn't write yesterday! But next week will be normal, I promise.

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