Monday, November 9, 2015

Samambaia - Week 6

First of all, the didn't come through until this morning, which was kinda strange. And it was weird being a leader this time, and having to report it to all the other missionaries. But, all the sisters in the zone stayed in their areas. Since Élder Gouveia went home today (what?!), Élder Santos de Oliveira will come over here to be the companion of Élder Chagas. He's from Brasília, from what I remember. And Élder Carlos got transferred! Which is pretty sad. He's going to Parque das Bandeiras, super close to where I was in Samaritá/Rio Branco. I don't know his companion, so I don't have anything to say about that. He seems pretty...sad for leaving. And Élder Hesselgesser is coming over here to be my fellow LZ! He's obviously an American, which will be a nice change. This transfer should bring lots of changes, anyways! So yeah, that's the transfer! I'm super happy that I'll be in this awesome area for at least my 11-month mark, AND my 1 year mark!! And maybe Christmas too, who knows?? So that'll be awesome, there's so many cool members here.

It was Élder Chagas' birthday yesterday, and so one of the members here, Murilo and his wife Joyce, put together an awesome little party thing for him. So we went over to their house and ate...PANCAKES WITH MAPLE SYRUP!!! It was super awesome, super tasty. Senti muitas saudades :) [I've missed pancakes a lot]

Murilo is a giant, see for yourself. He's huge. Especially for Brazilians. He's so cool though. 

I'm not sure if I've already said this, but all us missionaries are participating in the choir, getting ready for the Christmas presentation or whatever. So I'm playing piano obviously. And yesterday I played piano in the ward. Shall the Youth of Zion Falter? is such a hard song, hahaha :) Or whatever the name is, I'm not sure. Deve Sião Fugir a Luta, hahaha :) But yeah, Jake...get ready...haha :)

This whole week was rainy, and I think it probably rained for about a week and a half probably, but I can't even remember the last sunny day we had here. Today, it's not raining, but still cloudy, so I dunno what'll happen. It's nice though, because it's not scorching hot.

So some cool things that happened this week...first, Layssa got baptized yesterday!!! It was super cool, she was nervous before but then she said afterward that she had just the best feeling in the world, like she was super light and didn't have any weights at all. How cool is that? I got to baptize her, which was super cool. So yeah, it was an awesome experience!

Also, last Wednesday we did a service project with Murilo, the giant. We basically went there to break a bunch of stuff in his house, because he's re-doing it. So I spent the whole morning using a hammer and chisel-thing to break a bunch of tiles from his kitchen and outside area, it was super fun! Kinda nice to have a break and do some physical labor for once. I got cut up in the legs pretty bad from all the flying tiles, but it was awesome! :) Not pretty bad, just minorly actually :)

What else...a lot of this week was just getting Layssa ready for the baptism, and then all the festivities with Élder Gouveia's departure and Élder Chagas'/Sister Anderson's birthdays! Lots of members here had little parties and stuff to celebrate, we had a hard time getting to all of them :) One of them was a surprise party from the seminary kids at the church, there was a huge chocolate cake that was super good, and I challenged Élder Carlos to an eating contest. I managed to eat 6 pieces I think, before I had to stop, and he ate 4, I think. It was super hard to go work after that, I almost died, but it was awesome! :)

Hahaha, I'm not sure if I've gained weight since I got here in paradise :) but I'll try to find out soon. I probably have, we hardly ever go hungry here. And by that, I mean never. There's always something to eat, that the members give us. Super awesome.

And besides from that, I'm not really sure what else happened. This next week should bring lots of exciting stuff. So yeah, thank you guys for everything! Have a great week!

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