Monday, November 16, 2015

Samambaia - Week 7

Well to start off, I don't have a lot of time. Yesterday was a leadership council, so we didn't get a P-day. Meeting from 9-6:30 at night...goodness. So we didn't get a chance to do anything yesterday, except that I got Grandma Goodman's package. Your guys' package didn't get here yet, but I think that Sister Cabral will actually hide it when it gets here, because she keeps them all until Natal. Er Christmas.

The most important thing I learned at the council was to focus more on the people. It's super easy to get focused in on the little things we do each day and to forget why we do them.

Elder Hesselgesser is from Utah, and I'm loving being his companion! It was super hard for the last 6 months or something to be around missionaries that didn't have super good standards, and so this transfer is a breath of fresh air. We're going to accomplish a lot as zone leaders here, and in general I'm super excited and happy for once :) He's a great Elder. But yeah, in general it's just been awesome. They're changing a lot of stuff in the mission, which will be good também [also]

 But anyways, until next week! I love you guys!

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