Monday, November 23, 2015

Samambaia - Week 8

An adventure this week... let's see... probably just this new way of doing things/new companion who works a lot harder. I feel a lot better and we're getting a lot more done. So that has been both an adventure and a blessing.

Elder Hesselgesser is half Brazilian. His mom is from São Paulo. So that's pretty cool, he pulls off a much better Brazilian look than I do. Although it was super funny, last night we were walking down a street and some teenagers stopped us and started asking us questions. And we both convinced them that we were Brazilians! :D It was so awesome! Definitely a milestone, as far as the language goes. So until today, a small group of teenage girls thinks that I am from the south of Brazil :D Hahahaha, it was great.

Yeah, the Goodmans spoiled me...goodness. I am not doing that well with opening things slowly...hahahaha :) Is that a surprise? The Slim Jims went quick, as did...let's see what else...lifesaver gummies, the skittles are about done, the candy canes (sour, SUPER GOOD btw), and saltwater taffy (which has an excuse because the humidity absolutely slaughters it here). Also, I opened the tie that they sent me, which is AWESOME!!! I wore it to church on Sunday, but forgot to get a picture of it. It's sooo cool though. Really Brazilian Christmasy kinda :) 

Sorry to be kinda short on time. Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope we have some good lunches this week to make up for it, hahaha. 

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