Monday, December 7, 2015

Samambaia - Week 10

Just a heads up, this dumb LAN house doesn't let us use USB or anything, so it'll be another drought of pics. Although, you're probably used to that, haha :)

I always get your letters :) I think that I've become famous in the mission for getting so many letters...which is a good thing :) It just means that you're a loving mom! Maybe a little crazy, but that's okay :)

As far as supplies in general, I thought I'd give you an update...I switched to the other shoes (about a month ago, actually). And they're awesome! They're comfortable and super chique [chic] :) I like 'em a lot. Also, I washed my bag, cause it had gotten fairly fedorento [stinky] :) just in the washing machine actually, which happily didn't break anything.

I'm sorry you guys got sick, that's not fun :( I've been pretty healthy actually. There's a thing on the mission...when you work, you don't get sick. If you get sick, it's cause you're not working :) Because the Lord protects us from that kind of thing. So I've been good :)

The biggest blessing this week...I'm not sure. There's been a lot of stuff. I guess it wasn't a super good week, some difficult stuff happened. But we got a rapaz [boy] ready for baptism on Sunday, but he wanted his mom to be there so he'll wait until Saturday. But yeah, in general, it was okay. I guess the biggest blessing would be that. And in general, being with Elder Hesselgesser :) I guess one thing is that I've been sleeping super well. Which is always nice :)

So for Skype, I know that it will either happen on Christmas Eve or the 26th, I'm not sure which. Maybe we have a send me your preference! Because Christmas Day we have a mission conference. So yeah, one day before or after. I'll go to a member's house again, but I'm not sure who. I think there'll be a transfer next week, so I'm hoping I don't get transferred! That'd be lame. But yeah, I'll keep you guys updated on that. I'm so excited :D Only two more weeks! Ish.

So, cool stuff that happened this week...I'm not sure. It was kinda a normal week actually, which was nice. Just more zone leader duties...I opened the pickles and almost died from sheer joy :) Um...not sure what else hahaha. Really nothing of note happened. Sorry haha. We'll have a baptism this week. We're teaching Jonathan, who will get baptized, he was taught by missionaries and almost baptized in Pernambuco, but he moved to good ol' PG right before, so now we get to baptize him! Also, we're teaching Vanderlei, who is an awesome guy. He's an ex-drug-trafficker, but he really wants to change and he's super humble. He's just struggling with Word of Wisdom a little bit. And I think that's pretty much it. We're teaching a lot of people. So yeah, that's my week update.

I had one thing that I wanted to ask the next package, whenever it is. ASAP!!! :) No, just kidding. The sooner, the better though :D I've been doing some cubing, and I've got it down to 35ish seconds on a good run, and sub-30 on a really good one. So I would really like a super nice speed cube :) Also, I would really like it if you could put together all (if possible, I'm not sure) of the MoTab songs where they're singing just the normal hymns from the hymnal. I miss them a lot, and it would be super awesome! I don't know if they're free or anything, but that would be so awesome. Thanks :) Sorry I'm being needy this week, but...what can I say. The Christmas spirit :) Anyways, thank you so much for everything!

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