Monday, December 14, 2015

Samambaia - Week 11

So with the transfer, me and Elder Hesselgesser stayed here! And Elder Medrano from my group is coming to replace Elder Chagas, so we'll be together for our 1 year! :) That's pretty much it though. Although, we are no longer the district leaders! Which is a huge relief. Only zone leaders, which I'm super happy for.

Yeah, thanks for the other shoes :) Yep, I switch shoes after church and then use the sturdy ones for the whole week. Actually, one pair of them has two little wholes in the leather, one where it meets with the rubber and one in the leather (or whatever it is). But it's okay, it's a missionary battle scar! I just can't walk in water any more :D And don't worry, there's plenty of shoe people (can't remember the name) to fix them if they actually start to come apart.

I already emailed Dad about the Skype...let me know! We have one more p-day to email too, so it'll be fine. SO EXCITED! :) Agh!

Alright...I'll try to explain the pics. One of them is SKITTLES! Which arrived in our lovely supermarket! So I've been kinda addicted. They're about 4 reais I think for a package that size, so...1 dollar. I think that's pretty cheap. I'm trying not to buy too many though, hahaha :)

The McDonald's was AMAZING! :) I had an Angus Bacon, and Murilo also bought us Flurries! So I had an M&M one. Everybody knew that I worked there, they asked if it was the same. And it is pretty much the same, except here they sell maracuja juice and grape and mango as well, which is cool. And some other stuff, the Flurries are better here.

And then to try and thank Murilo, I finally made the Snickerdoodles that Grandma/Grandpa sent! I did eat several before, though :) They turned out super tasty actually! I'll make the salted caramel ones soon. But yeah, I only burned about 6-7 of them, because of our stupid oven :( But a lot were left over. Anyways, darn tasty. And Joyce, Murilo's wife, LOVED them! :D Got to love good ol' American cookies. Nothing in this country compares... :)

I think that was really it though for this week. Ah, the assistants did a division with us actually. On Saturday. Which went okay. We were just in a trio. I don't think there was anything else though. So yeah, I'm doing great! I'm going to the Ponto da Motorista after LAN, which is a churrascaria [steak house] :) I'm super excited. So pics will be next week! Anyways, I think that's it for me! :)

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