Monday, December 21, 2015

Samambaia - Week 12

Alright, I'll try to think of some interesting things to say [when we skype]...I might be speaking a lot of Portuglês, just so you know :) Did I really say wholes [instead of holes]? That's embarrassing...but don't judge me, they sound the same. That's probably something I mess up most on...the words that sound the same but are spelled different. 

Anyways. Jonathan didn't get baptized, he was working on the day that we had planned with him. So now we will probably help him to be a little more excited and do the baptism in the coming weeks, whatever's best for him/the Lord. It's the hardest part probably. You do all this planning for a person, have such high hopes/expectations, and then they just quit for stupid reasons. Probably how God feels a lot of the time, actually. Except He's got an eternal perspective, so He probably handles it a bit better :)

I made the salted caramel cookies for my 1 year, they were the BOMB! :) We didn't end up going to the churrascaria, because we wanted more time to practice piano/violin (we did an awesome thing for the stake choir presentation thing, I'll try to send a video next week or sometime soon), so we just bought pizza, ice cream (floresta negra, da hora! :) [black forest, oh yeah!]) and juice, and then practiced.

The weather has been scorching, it's miserable. Luckily, it rains fairly often, although sometimes that just makes it even more humid.

People celebrate Christmas here normally. I think. There are lights and (American) songs, and Santa and everything. Pretty standard, except it doesn't feel like Christmas because it's so hot.

So, the secretary (sp?) called this last week and said that the Correio nabbed one of my packages and is holding it ransom...for like 700 reais!!!! Which I think is 175 dollars, something like that. So...should I pick it up today? The price will get higher every day, and I have until the 8th of January to get it. Do you guys know which package this might be? is it worth paying 175 to get it? I just don't know, and I don't know what to do about it. If it's worth getting it, could you guys please put more money on my card? :) It can be from my account, I'm okay with using my own money, if it'll be worth it. If I don't get it, they'll send it back to the States I guess. Help! :)

Até Quinta-feira! [Until Thursday!] :D

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