Monday, December 28, 2015

Samambaia - Week 13

Hey Mom! So yeah, I wish we could have talked a lot longer too, it was the shortest hour of my entire life I think. What the heck...anyways, yeah it was awesome! :) It's so fun to see you guys. My Christmas was just beginning, hahaha.

I got 3 packages, plus some stuff from Elder Hesselgesser's mom. She sent me a tie (awesome) and some chocolates. I got the year package and the Xmas package, and one from Cindy Hopkins which I haven't gotten a picture of yet, unfortunately. But they were GREAT!!! I loved them so much! Currently I'm just working on the year package, getting the starbursts/sour bears out of the way. So tasty, good grief :) Anyways, thank you so so so so so much! It was so great, it really made it feel like Christmas. I'm trying to make this last though, although I do have a lot of stuff to get through before I have to move houses again hahaha. So maybe I'll end up getting sick, although it'd be so worth it. So thank you so much!

Christmas morning we went early to Santos for the conference. They fed us a tasty breakfast, then there was the conference part, where Sister and Presidente Cabral talked about some cool stuff, the Christmas symbols and all that. One of the symbols that she taught us was about the Christmas dinner, how it helps to remind us of the Atonement. Because before the dinner, there's all this craziness and mess going on, and everything goes wrong that could possibly go wrong, but then everyone sits down to eat and it's just all perfect, family being together, and all that. And nobody even remembers (too much :) ) about the craziness of the preparation. So that's how the Atonement works. In our lives there's a ton of wrong stuff that goes on and we make a lot of mistakes and such, but then looking back all that's left is the nice dinner with everyone being together and talking and laughing. It cuts out all the little bad details, and just leaves what really matters most.

And then we had lunch, which was incredible! It was darn tasty and super fancy. She spent a lot of money on it...rapaz [boy]...and then after lunch there was the Christmas show! Which various missionaries put together little skits or stuff like that. I would have done a solo, but Sister Cabral cut the show short to not keep us too late. :( Oh well, I accompanied an Elder who was going home on a vocal solo, and I also I participated in our zone's skit. I was a grumpy Christmas tree :) And my companion was the happy tree, always trying to get me to like christmas and stuff and i was always smacking his ornaments off him and talking trash about the Christmas music and stuff, it was pretty funny :D People liked it. And then we went home and opened presents and stuff :) It was pretty cool. Weird to think that it's almost 2016 now...what the heck...and it's the year that I'll be home...aghh. Too weird. But yeah, that was my Christmas!

Anyways, the best parts of Christmas were the Skype and the packages, they were so nice :) And now we're back to work. It's been super hot during the days, but then always rains at like 5ish. We actually went quite a few days without buying umbrellas, so we just always got soaked. But now we bought some super classy (and sturdy, I hope) umbrellas for just 25 reais. So it's better now. But yeah, it's been so stinkin hot. It's miserable most days :) But I'm doing okay! Nothing else major happened, hopefully nothing too crazy happens for New Year's here. Their Xmas fireworks were pathetic, and their idea of celebrating is just getting drunk and playing terrible music really loudly. But whatever, to each their own. I can't wait to have a cold American Christmas next year :)

But anyways, Happy New Year to y'all! :D

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