Monday, February 15, 2016

Caraguatatuba - Week 2

Happy Valentine's Day! Wow, that's weird. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! :) Man, you're gettin' old :) Just kidding, hahaha. 42 isn't old at all.

So our house is Rua Caraguatatuba, 68 I think. The chapel is Topolândia (não sei se é rua ou avenida), 55 I'm pretty sure. Something like that. And the neighborhood is Travessão, Caraguatatuba. Lots of the time, people just abbreviate and say Caraguá. Cause it is ridiculously long. 

The chapel

Yeah, the mountains here are super cool. And super close sometimes. It seems like a more beautiful area, and then there are some houses that seem a lot nicer than other areas, but also the same sort of stuff. So...pretty normal I guess.

Packing/fitting all the stuff into the suitcase wasn't too hard. I've gotten rid of a few things along the way, but picked up's a dangerous balance :) But it's been good. I wasn't quite as careful as I have been in the past about putting everything away super neatly, so I got done faster and it was less stressful. Doesn't make too much of a difference anyways.

Letters/packages will only get to me...not very often. Zone conferences and mission conferences are probably the only times. So right now...maybe only Easter hahaha :) It's tough out here in the boonies.

Yeah, I do have a pillow. I've kept the same one with me. And also, when I got here in this house some new pillow things got here, so now I have two like I've always loved :)

Well...I'm not really sure what's news here. I can't remember any of the stuff I've already told you guys about, but let me think...we put together a lot of furniture that looks pretty nice, we've been eating a lot of pasta with tomato sauce because it's cheap and that's what you have to do when you don't have lunch...not that the lunches have been falling through a lot. It just seems like for the past week, we've eaten pasta a good 5 times. So I'm getting pretty good at making it.

Oh, about Carneval...all we did was stay at home from 6-9 from Saturday until Tuesday, studying. It was pretty nice. I think a little up farther north, it got a little bit more crazy. But literally nothing happened here. Just a few crazies/drunks on the ruas [roads]. 

Man...I'm really not sure what else happened. On Friday, we had a conference with President and Sister Cabral, it was cool. Just our zone. I gave a training on our invitations and Gosh my English is so bad. Acompanhamento. It was normal. The day before, we went to have a sleep-over thing with the zone leaders, to plan the meeting and such. And they didn't have an extra mattress, just a small, crappy air mattress, so me and Elder Nascimento ended up sharing it. Except we both used the mattress for our upper halves, and then our legs were just on the floor. It was ridiculously uncomfortable, probably one of the worst nights of sleep I've had. Pretty bad. Especially because overnight, the mattress drained pretty much all of its air, so in the morning we just woke up on the ground anyways. Tile, it's the best. So yeah, that was pretty much my week! :) It was nice, and now I'm looking forward to being back on a normal e-mail schedule. So I hope you guys are doing great, and have an awesome birthday Mom! :) I love you!

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