Monday, February 22, 2016

Caraguatatuba - Week 3

Yeah, I thought that our chapel would look more like a rented place, but they did it up pretty nice, looks adequately Mormon :) There's a new rented place that they're reforming on the highway, a bit close to our house. But yeah, I don't know how it is, I've never seen the inside. 

Here, we're pretty much always close enough [to the mountains] to be able to see the individual trees. Which is pretty awesome. 

Speaking of pasta/tomato sauce, today we got sick of that. So we bought almost a kilo of cheddar cheese, melted it down, and threw it on pasta instead :) And we bought calabresa, which I keep forgetting the translation for. Sorry. But it turned out pretty tasty! Nice homemade, Brazilian mac & cheese.

Editor's note:  calabresa = pepperoni.

Hey, that Brazilian cafe sounds pretty cool! We'll definitely have to go there some time. How was the stroganoff, did you guys like it? It might be my favorite thing here. 

Well, let me try and do a weekly update, this is getting bad. What happened...not much, really. It was a normal week. Um...good grief...

Church has been good, it's quite nice having it at 3:00. We had two lunches last week where we walked an hour each way. Out in the boonies. But it's always really good there. The first one, the irmã [sister] pulled out a whole baked chicken out of the oven! It was quite a nice surprise. I guess because after Christmas, the price lowered. So yeah, that's all I can remember hahaha. Have a great week! 

14 months!

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