Monday, February 29, 2016

Caraguatatuba - Week 4

I remember when Redge showed us his mission pictures, and I remember that one video of when the road was totally swamped with water after a rainstorm. And so ever since I got here, I've been wanting video/pictures like that :) And last make a long story short...I got it! :) Our road got totally flooded, with water pretty much up until...a little below the knee. So I got some videos and pictures of that, it's pretty good:

Pretty much all of it was sewage water...I think...but don't worry,
I cleaned my legs off in the shower after :)

Elder Hesselgesser called me yesterday from the office and said that I have a package there :) But it'll have to wait for the mission conference probably. Although I think that maybe the conference will be in April still, even though Easter is in March. I'm not sure how it'll work.

One of the hardest things that I've had to do on the think it's got to do with being a leader, giving trainings, following up with the missionaries, trying to help them with their difficulties and stuff like that. Since, you know, I'm not really a people person. But really, the mission is just really challenging in general. There's not a specific area that you get tested, it's in all of them haha :) So, sorry for the terrible answer, but yeah :) happened this week...I think the most exciting thing was the flood, really. At like 10 at night, there we are, us 4, at our gate watching the rain and lightning and flooded street. It's cool. It's still a bit flooded actually, although it got better. It's just so crazy, I can't imagine anything like this happening in the States. Just because the drainage systems and sewage systems are so bad here. The pipes are way too small, and on top of that, lots of people throw a bunch of trash into the drains on the roads, stuff like that. So it clogs easy, and then when it rains a lot, the water doesn't have anywhere to go. So yeah, it was pretty exciting.

Other than has been good. Branches kinda drive me crazy though. Especially when I'm the pianist :) The tiny keyboardzinho is bothering me too, no pedal, too small...ugh. And the last hymn yesterday was...families can be together forever? Is that how it is? And you know how it has the little introduction built in? Well, so I play the introduction, and then I start playing the verse, and NOBODY STARTED SINGING. Agh! So I played the first little bit of that, and then sorta improvved back into the end of the introduction, looked at the...director, and then stopped almost completely, and then started. And THEN everyone started singing. Like, come on people! Have you never heard this hymn before?! And at the end of the first verse, it has the little piano part before the second verse, and probably about 3 people started singing WAY before they were supposed to. Goodness. It was ridiculous. And all compacted by the crappy keyboard. So I hope the new chapel here gets done soon, and that it has a good piano. But, I won't get my hopes up :)

 But yeah, that's all the noteworthy stuff that happened really. So yeah, have a great week! I love you guys!

That dog is the most annoying dog that I have ever lived next to in my entire life.
EVERY morning, it stands up on that wall and just barks at everything that passes. 

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