Monday, March 7, 2016

Caraguatatuba - Week 5

[How much of a people-person are you now as compared to before your mission?]
I don't know how much of a people person I far as how much I like it, it's still at about a 5% :D But I like to think that I'm a bit better. Something that is really draining is having to follow up with all the missionaries in the district. So I call two duplas (sorry, can NEVER remember how to say this in English) of missionaries every night, for about 30 minutes in total (5 minutes for the Elders and 25 for the Sisters, haha), and then I have to call the zone leaders and talk about how our day was. I don't like doing it at all, I always feel super tired after. Anyways, to answer your question...about 50% better probably. I don't know, that's hard to put a number on.

Here, everybody kinda makes fun of me whenever I say 1 little tiny thing wrong in Portuguese. Which is pretty embarassing, because I don't have any reason to be speaking wrong. I think it's just because I try to talk faster than I'm used to, and then it comes out all wrong. 

One blessing this week was something pretty simple. On Friday, we had lunch with that one awesome sister who lives super far away. And her mom took advantage of the fact and asked us to do a service project that morning. So we went, and it was super hot as usual. The service project was that we had to move a bunch of rocks (like the kind they use to mix concrete here) across the...terreno [ground]...into some containers to sorta store them better. Like, a lot of rocks. Several tens of those 10-gallon buckets of rocks, we're talking. So that was exhausting and spine-straining, but we managed it. Us two. But then after, she has this showerhead outside. So in our normal clothes and shoes and all, we took a cold shower, and it was the most amazing thing ever. It was a very nice feeling :) And then we got dry super quickly, because of the blazing sun. And an awesome lunch after. So it was a very nice day. I think that was a good blessing. May not seem like much to you guys, was :) 

Let me see what else happened this week...I think that service project was the most exciting thing. Transfer next week! I'm really hoping that nobody leaves here, which is probably in vain. But...who knows. I hope that not much changes, anyways. On Tuesday, we'll have a zone meeting which I had to prepare another training for, and there'll be an open house of a new chapel in a neighboring city. Our chapel should get delivered [turned over] to us sometime in March, so I'm just praying that I'll stay here and that it'll have a legit piano. Speaking of piano, on Saturday I'm going to start giving piano lessons to some kids from the branch. So that should be cool! Have an awesome week!

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