Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Caraguatatuba - Week 6 - and Transfer!

The internet in this new LAN House is KILLER fast (at least compared to Brazilian internet), so I am able to upload all the videos/pictures that I want, including one forgotten one from Christmas :) But yeah, that should be a lot better now.

Soooo, I got moved out of Caraguatatuba. Which I didn't want to leave there, since I had spent so little time and I was really liking it. But...that doesn't really figure in to the Lord's plans, I guess :) So I had to take aNOTHER 4 hour bus ride back down to the baixada [lowland], and now I'm serving in Enseada! Which is in the bairro [neighborhood] Guarujá, which is pretty close to Santos. So that'll be nicer. It seems like a little bit of a richer area, and the 1 lunch that I've had here was already incredible, so that's a good sign. I'm here with Elder Melo, who has 3 months on the mission, and I'm just his senior companion! I'm so excited to not have to talk with anybody on the phone! Apparently, my DL lives in our house, so I don't have to call anyone! :) It'll be so great.

But yeah, the transfer went well. Had a bit of a panic attack when I got to the rodoviário [bus station] at 6:10 (knowing that the LAST bus would leave at 6:30), and then they didn't want to accept my card. So I had to run over to a little ATM thing that is super expensive and take money out :/ But such is life.

My piano lesson...didn't work out. Because Friday, we did a division in Ilhabela, the prettiest area in the mission :)

So we didn't switch back until Saturday at night, so the lesson didn't work out. And then I left the area, so I feel kinda bad about the hype :/

My biggest blessing was with the transfer, as usual. I was protected and helped a lot. I left at 6:30, and got to the other rodoviário at 10:30, and then the other elders (from a completely different area, although close by) helped me to get to their house, and then I slept there, and then this morning I left by myself on another ônibus and went to my area. I asked the motorista to let me know when we got to where I was supposed to get off, but I guess he forgot :) So...we went all the way to the end of the route, he got off without even opening the doors, so I got kinda locked in for a bit, but then pretty soon he came back and started on the way back. THIS time, I didn't let him forget :) And I got off, and Elder Melo had gone looking for me, but pretty soon he came and found me and then we went to the house and I got all settled in! Sorry for the run-on sentence :)

But yeah, apparently this area is AWESOME, which it does seem like it. So I'm pretty happy to be here :) I'm back in the news zone...since up in the north there is a different telephone code, and the normal missionary phones can't call to there, so I never talked to anybody from the south. But when I got here, Elder Carlos called me, and it was cool to be back in the loop :) Also, more importantly, this area has a piano. Which I will be sure to use and abuse :)

I got Goodman's package last week in our zone meeting! I am sorry that I am a slacker and didn't get any pictures yet, but I will get at least one of me eating salsa :) Also, the beef jerky was nicely timed for my transfer! :) I got to eat it on my 4 hour bus ride :) When we got home from that meeting, the first thing we did was open the chips and salsa, and we absolutely devoured it. One jar of salsa gone in about 30 minutes :) And luckily, I found the flavorless Doritos here, so those went perfectly when the Tostitos ran out.

But...I think that's about it! Thanks for everything!

Wait, it's St. Patrick's Day?!?! What the heck...make sure to get some mint shakes from McDonald's for me :)

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