Monday, March 28, 2016

Enseada - Week 2

 Mission Conference, March 22:  "Happy Easter 2016"

Yeah, you know how it is being the official mission pianist...lots of sight-reading practice hahaha. Although in this [mission] conference, everything went a lot better. I didn't even do anything worthy of embarassment (is that a word...? Is it spelled right? Oh goodness...) We learned more about the Biblical meanings of Easter, which I got last Easter too, but it made a bit more sense with my better Portuguese hahaha. And we learned that each one of us can have a personal testimony of the Atonement. Like actually being there. Which, to say the least.

I've been helping Elder McCain with Portuguese and also just letting him talk, since he doesn't get to talk much with his companion (because of language barrier and because his companion is pretty annoying/robotic).

[When asked if he still gets nervous speaking in front of people]  Yeah, when I give talks/testimonies, it's like "whatever, let's do it" hahaha :) That's a pretty accurate summary of my feelings. 

Hey, I keep ALL your letters! It's a good thing that I'm getting home this year, because it's quite the considerable pile by now.

My biggest blessing from last week was the family of Joel and Magda. They're recent converts, and they are just amazing. Well, actually, big news. We moved houses! And we moved to Joel and Magda's prédio [building], it's been super awesome. Anyways, they've helped us a lot in the move (not so much in taking furniture, etc, but in other ways) and they are always giving us food and stuff, whenever we do a Book of Mormon study with them, they have a snack for us. And yesterday, they bought us chocolate bars for Easter :) They're just a really good family. They'll be really good friends.

Yesterday was the best Brazilian barbecue that I've had in my life. It was with the same irmão [sister] that does the lunches for the mission, so you can imagine...oh mah goodness, it was so good. Speaking of that, you guys need to see if you can find farofa there, because I am slowly becoming addicted. Just so ya know :) 

So yeah, about our move. The Cabrals didn't like the house we were in (too small), so we have been getting some stuff ready for a move, contracts with the owner of the apartment, etc. So now we live on the fifth floor! :) It's a super cool apartment, and I'll get videos of both the apartments. It is very cool getting into the elevator to go home hahaha. Plus we live close to the awesome family. The move took a whole Thursday, and we took everything (EVERYTHING, beds, fridge, oven, everything) in our hands, since it's close, just down the road. That, and 2 shopping carts. We must have looked like total mendigos [beggars]. So that was a good experience. It's a lot bigger and better in the new apartment, I'll see if I can get the address to you guys. Anyways...that was the biggest news. 

So yeah, sorry I'll keep it short since I'm working on your Mother's Day project :D  I'm pretty proud/excited. Love you!

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