Monday, April 25, 2016

Enseada - Week 6

      Magda Ribeiro sent these pictures and this message:
      Depois do nosso estudo do livro de Mórmon o jantar ficou por conta deles: Élder McCain, Élder Bratsman e Joel Ribeiro e o menu foi: Biscuits with gravy e pancakes with mapple, PARAAA TUDOOOO QUE ISSO É ESPETACULAR!!!!
      [After our study of the book of Mormon dinner was on account of them: Elder Mccain, elder bratsman and Joel Ribeiro and the menu was: biscuits with gravy and pancakes with maple syrup, that's awesome!!!!]

The pancakes were dope :) Especially after I added melted butter to the syrup...oh mah goodnus. So good. Super terrible for you, I'm sure, but it was awesome. It even turned a syrup-color, which was nice. And thickened up a bit. I think I'm about 70 kilos [154 pounds] now, maybe a bit less.

Something I learned this last week...I'm not sure. Hm. I'll get back to that. 

Worst thing, was that on Friday's district meeting me and McCain got lost on the bus, so we got to the 9:00 meeting at 11. Needless to say, after it was over :) Which was kinda embarassing. I never know how to spell that word. Anyways, yeah that was pretty bad. The best part was definitely the visits with Magda. I just can't get over how awesome their family is :) 

One of my favorite phrases in Portuguese... why so many hard questions? :) I like a lot of the slang. E aí, beleza? [And there, beauty] Or another one is "ah, vai tomar banho!" [Oh, take a bath] It's...hard to explain how you use it. [Dayne says it's kind of like buzz off.] Some of my favorite frases, anyways.

We...speak kinda a lot of English, but always at home. On the road, I make Elder McCain speak Portuguese. :) But we should speak Portuguese more at home too. It's hard when they don't really want to though. I think that was what helped me most, is that I always tried to speak Portuguese in the beginning. 

Um...what else has happened...not too much really. We're going to baptize Magda's mom this Sunday. Which will be stake conference actually, my 2nd in the mission! So that'll be cool. Other than that...nothin' crazy. Everything is going well over here. ... Have a great week!

Playing the piano for zone conference (photo from Sister Cabral)

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