Monday, May 2, 2016

Enseada - Week 7

Enseada Beach with Elder McCain, Isaque, Joel, and Magda

Enseada Beach is pretty close to our house, I guess. They actually took us by car, so it seemed WAY closer, obviously :) I'd never been to this particular spot of the beach though. Occasionally we do walk on the road that's on the beach, just 'cause it's nice to see the ocean. And I may as well, since I'm serving a mission on the beach. :) 

The weather has gotten SO MUCH better. It rained for two days, and then there's been a cold wind since, even if it's sunny. It's super nice, I'm loving it. If it stayed like this for the rest of my mission, I'd be so happy :) Something tells me I shouldn't get my hopes up though... :) 

Their son's name is Isaque. Which is like Isaac. Eezahkey. Kinda like that. I'll pronounce it for y'all on Sunday :D 

Stake conference was cool. The Cabral's gave talks, which was the best part. 

People are kinda dreading the Olympics. I haven't met very many patriotic Brazilians here. That's a huge culture difference actually. Lots of people here are embarassed by the country, especially with what happened during the Cup (not even because they lost, but because of the terrible infrastructure, half-finished stadiums, etc.), so lots of the same things are happening here with the Olympic prep. Basically, problems with the government, which just takes money from the people without actually doing much with it. So...yeah. I miss how patriotic America is. 

Anyways, yeah, Sunday night I'll call you :D I can't wait! #lastskype

PS: I'll keep my weekly news for the Skype session, just in case we run out of stuff to say :)

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