Sunday, May 8, 2016

Enseada - Week 8 (and Mother's Day!)

We really enjoyed our last skype session with Michael!
Here are some highlights:

  • Michael teased Jacob for always wearing the same BYU shirt in all of his photos and videos  (What can he say, it's his favorite shirt - thanks Hopkins family!)
  • He told us the story of witnessing an armed carjacking a few blocks from the church at 12:30 in the afternoon.  The victim used Michael's phone to call his family.  Crazy!
  • He talked about the baptism of Magda's mom, how they finally figured out how to keep water from leaking out of the font, and how she chose him to baptize her.
  • He said their clothes get really moldy from all the humidity and no air conditioning - he was soaking his white shirts in vinegar, but then forgot about them for a couple of days. :)
  • He wants to bring us a mold so we can make coxinha here at home.
  • He and Jacob decided to be weight-lifting buddies when they're back together.
  • He was eating a peanut butter cookie he made from a mix that I mailed three months ago.
  • It was so great talking and laughing together, like old times.  The hour went by too fast.
  • At the end he said, "See you at the airport!"  

peanut butter cookies

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