Monday, June 6, 2016

Itanhaém - Week 1

Living above a store is SUPER convenient. Good grief. Even though it closes early. Everything is close to the house, except the places where we work hahaha. But it's nice. I'll...try to send a house tour video, but it might not be at this LAN House...or this transfer...but this one is only 4 semanas [weeks] so it'll be short. The last day of the Cabrals is the first of July I think, or a little before, not sure. Until the end of this transfer, pretty much, which will end at the end of June.

My companion is Élder Kagi, he is from ENGLAND! Which is awesome. We're getting along really well, he was also a gamer and we have really similar interests/humor. Dunno if that means I have a very British humor, or what, but it's awesome! It's his last transfer as well, so that'll be strange. It's an honor :)

We go to the ward on the road Condessa de Vimieiro or something like that. The other one is Belas Artes. So we're in Itanhaém. I would like you guys to try and pronounce that, hahaha.

Yes, here has a piano, although it is've discovered that I'm a much bigger fan of electronic pianos. Not keyboards, but the super classy electronic pianos. Just 'cause they never get out of tune. But everyone here was really thankful that I got here, since NOBODY ever knows how to play the piano besides me. Actually, on Saturday, there was a wedding that we helped to set up for, and a bunch of people knew how to play piano, which was cool. None of them were members, but whatever :) It was cool, this black dude came up to me, said he was a musician, and wanted to get together to have a jam session or something hahaha. Apparently, he's also going to give me a CD of his stuff, which should be a cool keepsake :) So the wedding was cool, I played as everyone was walking in and stuff, and at the end. It was nice to show off ;)

Alright, I'll try to tell more this time. So I guess I'll start telling about the other peeps here. The other Elders are Elder Gonzaga, a little short dude from Natal with 6 months in the mission, and he's training Elder Hirales, from California (Los Angeles I think, I can't remember), who started 6 days ago!!! It's cool. Elder Hirales is cool. Poor Elder Gonzaga, we end up speaking a lot of English at home and he hasn't learned much yet. But he'll learn ;) Elder Hirales has been telling me a bit about BYU Idaho. We've been kinda lost in the area a little bit, but it's been alright. We had to buy a map and stuff.

Elder Hirales and Elder Gonzaga

Um...we've been teaching this lady called Eliane, who is really cool. She didn't go to church yesterday. But hopefully I'll have more news about her next week.

The best stuff is just being the companion of an English guy. I feel like I was helped a lot by my watching of Yogscast :D But it's cool to know the differences between the States and England. He's just a funny guy. He also drinks lots of tea, and always offers me some...but until now, I've never had tea that I really liked. Maybe there's a good flavor hidden out there somewhere. I'm kinda scared that I'm going to start talking like a Brit now...yesterday, he actually caught me saying "membuh" instead of "memberrrrr" during planning, but it was completely unconscious. Weird, right? I think I tend to copy people's speech a lot. Like that one time I developed stuttering from my best friend in...middle school? That stuttered. Crazy.

Um...what else. We had a zone meeting on Friday, it was cool to see Elder Silvestre and Elder Viana, they're down here now.

I don't know what else. I need to find a recipe for stroganoff here, because I'm addicted. That's what we ate at the wedding. They had actually gotten sealed the day before, so it was just kinda a token thing for the friends or whatever, but it was still cool.

There's a Yamaha motorcycle store right across from the LAN House as I'm writing this, so that's...yeah. You know. Distracting. :D

OHHHHHHH!!!!!!! GUESS WHAT!!! We found...drum roll please........................a MEXICAN RESTAURANT!!! WOOHOOOOOOOO!!!! I'm so happy! It actually might have real stuff there! We're eating there today, so I'll tell you how it is next week. They have burritos and nachos and tacos and quesadillas! But the quesadillas don't come with any sauce, so...that's sad. We might get some nachos or something to share. Also, they deliver, which is INCREDIBLE. Oh mah goodness. Best P-Day ever. So yeah! Expect a Mexreport next week!

[Editor's note:  The pink dot is their apartment above the grocery store, the green is the church.]

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