Monday, June 20, 2016

Itanhaém - Week 3

Raimunda actually put her baptism to this saturday instead, because her 100-year-old mom will be able to come, I guess. I hope. So it'll be Elder Kagi's last Saturday, last baptism...woah. Today, he's in Santos getting interviewed by President and also having lunch with him.

It was hard to adjust to not having any technology. But now...I notice how addicted other people are, even adults and stuff. In church activities, FHEs, everybody is just always on the cellphone. Which is sad. I guess I probably did that too hahaha. But I won't, or I'll try my very best. I have noticed that some of the missionary work stuff is just not as productive as it could having an Area Book is a bit of a hassle on paper, it would be so much nicer to have technology to do that kinda thing for us. Let alone GPS, etc...hahaha.

So one thing interesting that happened this week, was that on Tuesday, President called our whole zone in for interviews. Because they were our last interviews with him as our President! Isn't that crazy?! So he did an interview, and then gave everyone a blank piece of paper, symbolizing the clean slate that we'll have with the new President. And he signed it, of course.

Other than that...nothing super interesting. We found a super good family, Aristides and Graça, they're super family-oriented, which is awesome to see. We're working with them a lot.

And yeah! Elder Kagi will have a lot of stuff to do in Santos and São Vicente, as he's wrapping up. It's crazy. But yeah, I can't really think of too much else that's happening... Um. Nobody has ever showed up to a single English class, in two weeks...which kinda stinks.

AH. There is actually some biggish news that I'm forgetting. Yesterday, there was an emergency transfer. So Elder Gonzalez is coming to be my companion, and so me and him and Elder Kagi will be in a trio until Elder Kagi leaves. My first hispanic companion! Looks like I might actually be able to come home speaking some Spanish! I hope so, anyways. So yeah. He was the one living with us in Enseada. Other than that...I think that's pretty much it. (Oh, and I've officially been here for a sister's mission! [18 months] Woo! :) )

About my dedication...I would say that it has plateaued (that's a weird word) at this point. Probably because I've settled down into a rhythm of the stuff we're supposed to do, and also the mission as a whole has kinda stopped changing a bunch of stuff every two weeks. Since the Cabral's are going home anyways. And I guess everything will change AGAIN when the new President gets here...hahaha. Oh well. It depends on the companion, as well. Some are easier to get along with, and so you have more disposition, and others are harder. But everything feels more stable now. Yes, for sure, there has been a big impact on my life. For example, I don't remember really studying the scriptures, I read every now and then, but it was always on the phone and I never had much to show for it. But now, I really like marking the scriptures (especially The Book of Mormon), and it means that I kinda have more to show from it. That's one thing that has changed a lot. I started reading the Book of Mormon over again at the start of this transfer, marking everything in colored pencil so that it's easy to find, and I just got done with the Isaiah chapters this morning. So that has grown a lot. And I think I've gained just a lot of maturity, spiritual and otherwise. I understand so much more about why the church exists and stuff like that, it's crazy to think what I was like back home. And a lot of it has come from personal study as well. I do have spiritual stories...I just might have to look back in my journals to remember hahahaha. But yeah. With the time I have left...I just want to keep going and grow as much as I can. Just take advantage of everything I can. I can definitely do more than I thought I could :) 

Thanks for everything! Love you!

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