Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Itanhaém - Week 4

So this week, HUGE NEWS!!! Not really. But, I'm going to try something different.... it's a voice recording! Let me know if you like it!

[Click here]

Raimunda was baptized! Her mom didn't come, the weather wasn't alright for her I guess. Plus, she's completely blind I think.

I said bye to Elder Kagi :( I've been with Elder Gonzalez for the past week, but yes now it's just him. Today is the Cabrals' last day! Tomorrow, the new President will get here and we'll have another meeting in Santos. Our weather has heated up a bit, not too much. More sun and stuff, less rain. Although not miserable, yet.

Best thing from last week...I think maybe the conference.

Que mundo pequeno, né? :D
Editor's note:  This is Dany Matos.  She was friends with Michael's cousin, Redge,
when he was serving in Brazil a few years ago.  Small world!

OH. Actually, on Sunday, we visited Kim Marianno (who you guys should totally look up on YouTube), who is this guy that is crazy about music and is an actual artist. We went to his house, and he has his whole bedroom turned into a music studio! He has a drum set, various guitars, lots of percussion stuff. And on his computer, he has FL STUDIO! :) The pirated version, obviously, since it's Brazil, and nobody buys original (sadly), but still. It was very cool, it's exactly the kind of thing I want to do. Not the same kind of music, but yes. That was cool, he doesn't want to get baptized, but maybe he'll keep coming to church just for the music.

He took a video of me playing All of Me and put it on his YouTube channel:
The worst part [of the week] was, by far, saying bye to Elder Kagi. And watching him pack. It was sad, he was kinda not sure how to feel about it as well.

Yeah...so, next week, I will send you guys a voice recording about President Obata! That should be cool! Also, in August (I think), Elder Costa from the Area Presidency will come visit us. So that should be cool. Thanks, I love you lots!

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