Monday, July 25, 2016

Registro - Week 2

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Alright family, recording 5, I think. Sweet. So, I'm here in a room with my diary, with Elder Rodriguez, he made us ham and cheese sammiches, and now I'm going to do my recording for you guys.

So last p-day, we did have a family night with the familia Rosete. They're super cool. There was lots of food, there were little bite-sized churros, and lots of soda, because he knew that soda was liberated and he bought one two-liter of every kind of soda that there is so that we could try it. Not every kind of soda, but you know, the major ones like coke and guarana and fanta and sprite. I just had guarana because it's the best of all of them. So that was cool, that was a good family night.

Tuesday, we had lunch with Christina, she's a member here. We helped her take a bike to get... how do you say that... put together? We contacted a few people and everything fell through, which is cool. There was (and still is) a confusion about this baptism that was going to happen of this girl named Sara.

Wednesday we had district meeting, it was fine. Then we had another lunch with Christina because there's not that many people that give lunch here in this branch. But it was great because it was stroganoff. Super good. And she gave us acai, which was cool. Then I interviewed Sara and she was the best prepared that I've ever interviewed in my mission. She was super well prepared, she studied a lot.  She really really really really wants to get baptized. Really.

On Thursday, we did planning. I had four eggs for lunch, because we had dinner with Ivette. We contacted more people.

We've got cold weather here, almost this whole week. It was only today, Sunday, that it warmed up. The rest of the week it was cold, which was awesome, I love it.  

Friday, we had lunch at this super chique house, it looked like a log cabin inside, it was dope. We went to visit Sara's mom to get her to sign another baptismal form. We visited some recent converts that were super cool.

Saturday, the day scheduled for Sara's baptism, there was another huge confusion. So basically she didn't end up getting baptized, it'll probably have to wait for like two weeks or something like that.

Also on Saturday, lunch was insane, it was the craziest lunch I've ever been to in my life. The actual lunch was normal, it was pretty boring. But then after, they had this big back yard and there were lots of trees, trees that were sort of not quite in their backyard but almost. Basically I think there were two possums? I think they were possums? In Portuguese it's gambá, which I haven't bothered to look up. They looked like possums to me. They were really stinky. They were super ugly, ugly as junk, so I think they're possums. So they were hanging out in some trees, well actually, they were hanging out on the ground, but then the dog started chasing after them, so they climbed up into some trees. And then the kids saw them, which that's where it all went bad, because the kids started throwing rocks at the possums trying to kill them. It was like psychopath kids. There was this huge ruckus of them throwing rocks at these possums, mostly missing, but occasionally hitting them pretty good. This other kid from the neighborhood came over with a slingshot and started missing as well, he was really bad with the slingshot. Not that I can say anything because I'm probably not that good either, but c'mon, if you own one at least be good with it. But they started shooting at them, and then basically, huge ruckus, and then eventually they got the courage to just go into the bush with sticks and knock them down and kill them. So yeah they actually killed them. It was crazy. It was kinda sad, but also super funny. I didn't know whether to be sad or whether to laugh, and I laughed. If that makes me a bad person, sorry that I let you guys down. Anyways, they were super stinky. Apparently they killed them because they were going to eat them, don't know if that's true.  I hope it's not true, because that is disgusting. I think they might eat them, dunno. More news on that next week, if we talk to them. I didn't get a picture on my camera, because I didn't have it, but one of the other elders got a picture on his camera of the little kid that killed one of them holding it up, like you know those fishing pictures, exactly like that, it was disgusting:

We contacted more people on Saturday, we had a weird lesson that was funny but annoying and difficult with this lady who was pretty deaf and a little bit very blind in one eye (that's what I wrote in my journal, haha: fairly deaf and a little bit very blind in one eye). She didn't shout actually, we had to shout the whole time. I don't know if she understood a single thing we said.

Then Sunday, today, so I talked in church about Shiblon, that one kid of Alma's that he only talked about for one chapter. It was cool, I talked for 10 minutes, I took up my time but the meeting went under. Went under? Is that a phrase you guys use? I know that the meetings go over but do they also go under? Went short? It was short five minutes but I took up my time so whatever it wasn't my fault. :)

Then we had lunch, it was really good, she made this pudding (pudim). Is it flan? I don't know if that's what it translates to but it was really good 'cause it had some sort of caramel taste to it. Also she gave us pepsi which was crazy, it was the first lunch of my mission that I'm served pepsi. Well, actually not the first lunch that I'm served it, but it was the first lunch that I drank it because I could. So it was really good. Still very strange.

On Sunday in this area, nobody is home. It's crazy how nobody is home on Sunday. Maybe because of the futebol (I mean soccer) game, not sure why, everybody just disappears.

Yeah, so that was my week. One thing I forgot to tell you about this area is that there are a lot of hills, lots and lots and lots of hills. It's the first area of my mission, and I think the only area of the whole mission, that has hills, this area of Registro. Lots of hills which I was not used to. My mission did not prepare me for this, so I'm having a rough time, haha, I'm just kidding. Sometimes I have a rough time, at the end of the day, it's rough. Going down is fine, but going up is a real problem sometimes. So that's something new about this area:  hills. Which I'm glad that the rest of my mission did not have hills, because it's miserable.  :)

I think that was all that I wanted to tell you. I love you guys, have a great week!

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