Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Registro - Week 3

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Hey Family!  Alright, this week’s recording… so, let’s get right to it. No beatin’ around the bush here.

Last Monday after we went to the LAN house… um, not much happened. We had a family night with a family, the husband is Ronei and Bibi, and they’re about to go to the temple here in August. They’re really cool. It was a good family night. There was coca-cola, so it was really good. :)

Then on Tuesday there was a district meeting like normal. I gave a training… normal. Then we had lunch with the same family from family night. And then we had to do this thing to get this satellite ready for a transmission on Saturday. Not super important.

Wednesday there was this huge forest fire that we could see from our apartment window. Crazy. It was kinda far away, on the other side of the highway. We could see it pretty clear. It was cool, it was scary. We got home last night and it was like what is that? It was a big fire and there were a bunch of trucks going over there. In the morning it was gone.

We also found this BBQ pizza. Which was sick, so good. We actually had it twice this week, because we are susceptible to BBQ pizza it seems.

Thursday, planning. We organized the area book. There was going to have an area conference [editor's note:  that's exactly how Michael phrased it :)] with Elder Costa, but it got set back sort of indefinitely.  What else… we did some more fixing of the satellite thing. We had dinner with Ronei and Bibi. That was pretty much it.

Friday, we had lunch with Sara. She’s the young woman that’s going to get baptized on Saturday now. She did this thing, “How about if I make pasta for you guys for lunch, then at night we’ll order pizza and soda.” She made pasta, but then she never ordered pizza because I guess her aunt didn’t pay her so it was kinda sad. But that thing happened where you think about pizza and then you can only think about pizza and you just can’t stop thinking about pizza, so we bought another BBQ pizza. :)

This area is really hard to get into houses, it’s kinda frustrating, but it’s alright, we’re getting along. We have lists of people to contact, like addresses and stuff, then we get there and since the lists are old, the people don’t live there or they don’t want it. So yeah, that is pretty much how it is, not just this area, in every area, haha. But it’s alright.

On Saturday, the lunch was amazing, it was with this super most awesome best family ever in this area. They’re super cool. You eat two plates of food because they pressure you into eating more, kind of as a joke. So you stuff yourself full of food and then it’s dessert and you’re like oh no. You barely fit the first dessert and then there’s ice cream. That’s a good problem to have. :)

There was a super saturday activity, it was a bunch of youth from the area that came and it was an activity starting at 3:00 then it went until a dance at 8:00.

I’m teaching one of the other elders here to do the rubik’s cube.

Then today we went to church, more sight-reading practice for me, it was a little bit iffy but I got through it. So basically this branch has lots of problems – lots of members have become less active because of the leadership here. Lots of drama.

Another interesting thing, we live right across from the civil police, so there’s some prisoners that live across the road from us. And occasionally at night, usually at 10:30, they’ll start screaming their heads off for some unknown reason. They start going crazy, not like a riot or anything, we might have heard gun shots, not sure, or some other banging noise to get them to be quiet. Not sure. It’s pretty crazy.

That’s pretty much it that happened this week. Hope you have a good week back at home. When does school start for Jake?

We are starting the fourth week of my third to last transfer. That’s a bizarre thing that’s happening. I’m the oldest in this area, mission-wise. So the members are like, “How much time have you been on the mission?” And my companion’s like, “Three weeks.” And everybody laughs at him because that’s what you do. Then I say, “I’m going home in November.” It’s really bizarre, because I never thought this point would get here. I mean, logically I knew it would, but two years is a long time, so when you start out, until you have a year at least, you think man, this is never going to end. This is my new life. It’s probably like that until a year and 3 months, it just seems like that’s your new life. Now it’s like wait a sec, this is not going to be my life forever. I don’t know, it’s unsettling. It’s just strange.

I hope you’re great. I want pictures of all your fancy adventures in fancy places eating fancy stuff and seeing fancy stuff.  Hope you have a great week, I love you guys!

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