Monday, August 15, 2016

Registro - Week 5

Hey parents and family!

Pokémon Go is pretty big here. We find people playing it on the street quite frequently, especially when we're looking out from our window, there's always a bunch of kids like "Achei aqui!" [I found it here!]

So last p-day there was a family night with the usual crowd at Ronei and Bibi's house. We took a less active member that we found, Franciele. There was lots of joking going on at the family night, Elder Rodriguez always gets mad when we make fun of him, I mean, everybody makes fun of everybody so it's not like he's the only one. He seems convinced that he's the only one, but he's genuinely not.  We make fun of him because of his barriginha [little belly].  :) It's a very rambunctious house, but it's cool because everybody is friends. There was cake and soda, so it was great.

On Tuesday, Elder Rodriguez caught a frog in his camera case, not sure why - I guess 'cause he'd never seen one in the wild - how is that possible? There was a district meeting, except it was just us and the other two Elders that live here, which was sem graça [boring], like why are we even doing this? (Because the zone leaders went to Santos.) Anyways, I recorded some piano songs, so that was good. We had lunch with the lawyer I told you about last week, it was stroganoff. It was beef, not chicken like usual, so it was similar to American stroganoff, so it was good (although I also like the Brazilian version, so you know, stroganoff by me is always good). We bought a box of chocolates for Franciele's birthday, and we took it to her house, but she wasn't there.  Also, we found a lady called Viviane, we started teaching her. Her husband Reinaldo was a member when I was in Itanhaém. That really confused me because apparently he lives here, he doesn't live there. His wife is not a member, so now we are teaching her. They also have a son who is a less active member, 16 years old. It was a really good lesson that we had with them. Viviane started crying after the first prayer that I said. She wants to get baptized in a river. She picked a terrible city to get baptized in a river, because the only river here is filthy.  Maybe we could find one in another city.

Wednesday, I had a reimbursement that came through, so we went to the local supermarket to buy lunch. This hardcore-looking biker dude shows up in the aisle we were in. He had his helmet on, he had a leather vest with patches, the whole shebang. The best part was that he had two huge horns on the sides of his helmet, think the size of a bull. Bull horns made out of metal - he had that on his helmet, crazy!  He was a really old dude too.  So you know, naturally, I was like "Man, this guy is sick. He must have this enormous, beautiful Harley-Davidson or something like that outside the store." So there was all that anticipation, so then we finished and went outside. He came out about the same time as us, and he goes and gets on his... bicycle! What? He lost almost all of my respect. Not quite all, because he's still crazy or brave enough to wear that helmet, but it was very disillusioning.

Also, Christina took us to an adult evening school where apparently we're supposed to be teaching English every Wednesday, but we just found out about that now. So that's fine, but this Wednesday won't work because we have a conference in Santos with Presidente Costa and maybe somebody else from the area presidency is coming. So we went to see the school, and we visited Franciele again, except when we got there, her and her mom were having this huge fight. It was ugly and a little bit awkward. Oh for lunch, the irmã [sister] paid for a restaurant for us, which was dope. Oh my goodness, we ate so much: fish, for the first time in awhile, and feijoada, heck yeah! The zone leaders got back in time for lunch, conveniently, and they brought back some repellent that the mission has bought for us, which is odd timing since it is still winter/spring so there's no mosquitoes.  I guess for my short summer stint I might use it.

On Thursday, I practiced piano a little bit. (DiDi recommended this song for me to learn on piano called Lost Boys by Ruth B, you guys have probably heard it. So I'm learning that, I love it, it's a really nice song to play on piano.) We had an appointment with Viviane but that didn't work out. Then there was dinner, which was cool because it was Thursday.  I bought tapioca, which I've already explained to you guys, and caramel, and so Elder Martins do Nacimento made that Friday morning, and he also taught me how to make it, so as long as I can find the farinha de tapioca, I can make that when I get back.

So Friday morning we did another giant Book of Mormon activity, from 8 to 11ish. The one here in Registro is ginormous, it's all made out of wood, so it's stupid heavy. It's hollow, not solid wood. I'm guessing it was heavy, because I didn't actually carry it, I was carrying other stuff, so I got out of that. :) The Book of Mormon activity wasn't super effective, we just got into Bible bashes with this guy from the Assembly of God. One interesting thing that he said which I thought I could write down for posterity is that, "You have to be careful, because the more you study, the less you know." Yeah... he actually said that. :)

We had lunch with Ronei and Bibi, which was cool.  We taught Franciele's family again. In Franciele's case, the parents are messing up their kids so much it's sad. Also, I bought a pink paisley tie for 20 reais, I found a really good store for ties, so it's tempting, I have to control myself. We taught Viviane about the Book of Mormon, which was cool. They were going to go to church, but they didn't because she got sick. I made strawberry tea, which is good.

On Saturday, yesterday, there was some soccer going on at the stadium in front of our house, it was pretty bad... bad plays and lots of fighting.  Then it was just us four at lunch with Zelha, who is the mom of a recent convert, which was cool because there was guaraná there. Oh and apparently, the box of chocolates we got for Franciele was the only present she got for her birthday which made me kind of sad, but happy that we gave it to her.  That was Saturday.

Tomorrow we are planning on doing some epic sight-seeing around the city, all the Japanese landmarks, there's a Buddhist temple that we're going to take pictures in front of. That's it for me. I hope you guys have a great week. Keep me updated on what's going down over there, what's "lit." :) I love you guys!

[Michael trying to beat his rubiks cube record...]

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