Monday, August 22, 2016

Registro - Week 6

This week was transfer week, so officially two transfers left, goodness gracious, what's going on?

So now that I've brought it up, what happened with transfers was this: me and Elder Rodriguez, we stay here in Registro, and Elder Martins do Nacimento, he stayed here as well, and he's going to be senior companion with a new-ish elder from the Bahia. Then Elder Moletta is going to Vila Sonia, he's going to be a district leader there with Elder Foltz. The zone leaders also stayed. So that was the transfer that happened.

So last p-day we did the sight-seeing, and there was a sick family night at Rosete's house, there were hot dogs and cake and coca cola and juice. I didn't eat anything this day until the family night, so I was starving. I had five hot dogs and four pieces of cake, not small pieces either, and a bunch of soda and juice and stuff. So on the way back, I was pretty close to throwing up. :) Also at night, the other three elders had an insect repellent war with the bottles the mission gave us. The only thing they've been using it for is spraying each other in the face with it, and it smells awful. I haven't used mine. So they had this crazy fight with it. I was a little bit of collateral damage in that... what are you gonna do? :) I just hid under my covers and tried not to breathe. It was like mustard gas, no, I'm just kidding, that's a terrible exaggeration.

On Tuesday, we ate lunch at a restaurant because the rich lawyer that gives lunch to us every Tuesday, he couldn't do it at his house, so he paid for a restaurant for us, so that was slick. It was by-the-kilo. Super tasty. A little bit expensive but we weren't the ones paying for it so that was fine. :) Also, there was a preying mantis thing on my back, don't know how it got on my back, I don't know if it fell out of a tree or something, I don't know if they fly or anything. I think Elder Rodriguez freaked out more than I did. He was like "Oh my goodness there's a bug on your back! Stop moving, there's a bug, let me get it off!" He flicked it off my back, it landed on my bag, so I flicked it off and that was it. I don't know what he made such a big fuss about, so that was funny.

Wednesday, conference day! We got up at 3:30 am, well for me, I kinda woke up from 3:00 to 3:30 because it was like a gradual thing. It was one of those where you can't just wake up all at once, so it was a gradual getting used to the idea of having to wake up. So we got ready and packed for overnight, then we left. I forgot pj's but that ended up working out fine. So we got on the bus at 5:00 and got there at 9:30, something like that, so 4 1/2 hours of bus ride pretty much. We tried to sleep, I was somewhat successful. Then we sat around until lunch started at 12:00. Elder McCain talked to me a lot, I feel like he doesn't ever get to talk to anybody so in the few occasions when he sees me he just explodes with all his stories. :) The conference was really good with President Costa, he's really funny, he was cracking jokes the whole time, which was not what I was expecting. So it was President Costa and his wife:

And President Bassett and his wife. I think he's the 2nd counselor in the area presidency, they have only been in Brazil for three weeks. It was their first designation to come to Santos so that was pretty cool, a brand new Seventy. He actually reminded me of you Dad, although his hair is a bit redder. He speaks spanish and not portuguese so great. I didn't even know that could happen, I'm pretty sure he went on a spanish-speaking mission and now he's a Seventy in charge of Brazil. They are both learning portuguese, so their talks that they gave were portuguese, spanish, and english all mixed together. Because I've been with hispanics these last few weeks/months, I understood everything and it was really cool. Apparently other people did not understand so much. :) President Costa talked a lot about mission presidents, like President Obata's calling, how they're called. They get video conferenced by one of the twelve [apostles], which in their case was Elder Christofferson, and then they get video conferenced by the First Presidency, which in their case was President Uchtdorf. That is crazy! Sister Obata was designated as a full-time missionary as well, which I didn't know. He talked about how President Obata can do whatever he wants in the mission, within reason, obviously. :) One cool thing that Sister Costa said was that we were taught in the spirit world to be able to overcome anything and be able to do difficult things, and we still have those teachings within us, so we just have to find them. I liked that.

One thing that I liked that President Costa said was that when you cut open an apple, you can count how many seeds are in the apple, right? But you'll never be able to count how many apples are in every seed. That little seed will grow into a tree and there'll be a gajillion apples and those apples will have more seeds and more apples. So he was talking about our impact as missionaries, that we'll basically never really be able to tell what we did, until the celestial kingdom. :) Another thing that I liked that he said was that lots of people, they have a spiritual thirst, but then they go drink from sewage, but we can't do that, that would kill us, we have to drink from pure water sources, which is Christ. That was the Wednesday conference. I played the piano for that, obviously. It was pretty cool/good, pretty gool. I got thanked by all of them on the stand when they were leaving, score! :) Then we talked to some missionary friends. Apparently everyone thinks that was the last mission conference before I'm leaving (which I don't think that's true, but that's what was on people's minds) so I guess I'm getting a bunch of presents, which I'm cool with.

Then Elder Rodriguez took us to McDonald's, we ran into Layssa there, the recent convert from Samambaia, 'cause she lives in Santos right now, so that was cool.

There was a huge windstorm in Santos, there were a bunch of power outages, and lots of sand and dirt getting kicked in our faces, which was fun. We slept in São Vicente, I didn't know how to get there at all because I never served there, so we eventually found it, it was alright. There was no hot water, which I don't know what is wrong with missionaries, they're just cool with taking cold showers, that's crazy. That's why I had to learn how to change a showerhead. :) Who lives there right now is Elder Hesselgesser, and I borrowed some pj's from him, so that is how I got through that pickle.

So then Thursday morning, we got ready, we left, we took the VLT, which is a new train system in Santos, it's a subway-looking train but above ground. I was really impressed by it, it was cheaper than a normal bus fare, and it was super quick and there was nobody on it, which was awesome. It doesn't go to many places, it's just a straight line, but it works pretty well to get to where we were trying to go.

I dropped Elder Rodriguez off at the office to get his I.D. done, then I left with another elder to go to the leadership conference at 10:00. It only went until 11:00, so it wasn't a lot but it was really good. At the end we got to shake all their hands, that was cool! Then we went back to the office to pick up my companion, and there was a bit of a disaster, because the office had bought tickets for us for 1:00 (there's a bus that goes straight from Santos to Registro) but Elder Rodriguez still had to do this western union thing to get money from his dad, which took forever but we had to do it, so we missed our bus pretty much, but it worked out. :) We ate lunch at a little place in front of the office, it was good. It was Elder Rodriguez' birthday on Thursday, so that was cool. We visited Layssa again after that, that was fun. [Samambaia was] almost a year ago, which is crazy! We got a bus at 6:15ish, but then we had to sleep in Peruíbe, because we would have gotten home really late, and also there weren't any more buses to Registro from Peruíbe when we got there. But it was awesome because who is in that house is Elder Medrano, from my group, also Elder Cavalcante, who is pretty cool, I met him up in Caraguatatuba, so we got pizza to celebrate. I talked to Elder Cavalcante, I spoke English with Elder Medrano to help him practice, so it was cool. It was very enjoyable.

On Friday, obviously I had to take advantage of being in Peruíbe because that's where the rubik's cube store is. So I went to the store myself and I got a 5x5 rubik's cube.

Elder Medrano had already bought for me this insane cube, it's crazy.

Then we went home, it was chill, for lunch we had the little take-out things, in aluminum. We visited Franciele, her parents are still not helping, I don't know what we're going to do with that. And also we visited Viviane. Then we bought pizza for Elder Rodriguez' birthday, so it was a bbq one, and then this other one called furiosa, the furious pizza, which had an absolute metric ton of stuff on it. It was chicken and bacon and ham and sausage and cheddar cheese and all this crazy stuff, so that was cool.

Also, Elder Martins do Nacimento drew me the sickest picture of me as a DJ, because I asked him to. Oh my goodness, it is the best, I was really impressed. I'm really happy he's staying here this transfer as well because I'll probably have him draw more stuff for me.

On Saturday we had lunch with Irmão Rosete, which was turkey, it was pretty good, and lots of soda, they always buy soda for us, which I don't feel bad about at all because it's really good. And also I figure in a juice they just dump a bunch of sugar as well, so it's probably pretty much the same thing, that's my reasoning for it. :) Also on Saturday, it rained for real for the first time here in Registro. It was a cold rain, cold day, so that was cool. Then we took Franciele and her brother Mateus to the Noite de Integração, the Integration Night, that there was at the church. The branch president just had all of us missionaries bear our testimonies, and they made a bunch of soup, we took some home. Also I had a repeat experience with Families Can Be Together Forever, nobody knows how to sing that song. Agh! Why is music so hard? :) Which I think that's something that I take for granted honestly, thinking back on it... music appreciation and knowing how to read music, which has helped me a lot. But it's not something that everybody gets, so I try to be... charitable. :)

Then today, not very many people came to church, because of the rain, it kept raining. It was a normal church day, nothing special. We had lunch with Christina, which was good. We visited Franciele. Then there was another family night at 6:00 with Bibi and Ronei, which was really cool, it was like a going away thing for the transfer. We didn't know what was going to happen with the transfer, so it was just in case. We did a game that was like hymn charades, which was pretty cool. Everybody takes turns acting out the name of a hymn and everybody had to guess it. It was a good idea, pretty funny. There was lots of food and soda. :) There was a really good (Dad, I don't know if you remember) bolo de fubá com goiabada, oh my goodness, it's like a cornbread but more cakey, then goiabada [guava] on top.

So that is it for me this week. I love you guys!

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