Monday, September 26, 2016

Registro - Week 11

Hello parents and people! So... my week:

On Tuesday we visited the two rapazes that came to church last week, João and Mateus. We taught them the Restoration and set a baptism date for the 2nd of October. It was all great! Not too much else happened successfully.

On Wednesday, we did divisions, then we had lunch with Emerson's family (the possum family). It was not possum though, luckily, it was rice and beans with spicy bbq sauce. Heck yeah! It probably sounds like a weird combination but it was good. That was pretty much the only good part of the day because then everything that could fall through, fell through. Even João and Mateus' mom called us and said, "You can't visit them anymore because their dad doesn't want them to." We're not sure why. :( I cancelled the English class, because Wednesday night there was a Noite de Integração at the branch. They had cake and soda - so obviously it took high priority ... I'm mostly kidding about that, but not completely. :) Elder Carlos gave a message about the Good Shepherd. [Click here for the whole story.]

On Thursday, we had lunch with Irmão Rosete which was good as usual. There was brigadeiro de colher, so that was good. (Instead of forming it into little balls, you make it in a bowl and eat it with a spoon, a lot better than going to all that effort making it into neat little spheres.) We visited Viviane after planning. Then we visited two new people, Lincoln and Lydia. Then at night, Denelsa (who is the mom of the girl that's doing piano, they're the ones that got baptized last week) they gave us cake. She has a pharmacy, so all six missionaries went over there and she gave us cake and soda. It was great.

Friday, we started off the day thinking that we didn't have lunch, because there was no lunch on the calendar. So we went and bought pasta and sauce and soda, you know, all the necessities. Then we made lunch and it was good and everybody was full. Then at 1:00, Rosete called to tell us that Christina has got our lunch covered and she's making it so we're supposed to go over to her house. So that was crazy, we went to her house and ate second lunch, like hobbits. And for the first time in Registro, she had ice cream (the one day where we were too full to eat anything else) and so I had to have a lot. :) Then stuff fell through with our investigators, but it was alright.

At the start of this transfer, we had the challenge to read the Book of Mormon before the Christmas conference, or in my case, before November. So I started the first of September and I'm in Alma 27, so I'm a little more than halfway through, I think.

On Saturday, we had lunch with Ronei and Bibi. They're great, they have my kind of humor. :) Then everything fell through again. We had piano class which was fine, just used the church manual. (I don't even think I'd want to teach my kids piano, if they want to learn piano, I'd hire a piano teacher. That probably sounds ridiculous, but I don't think I can teach that well. It's hard for me to go back to basics and see stuff from their point of view.) After that, we did English class, which was good. We did vocab of getting around a city, and Elder Rodriguez drew a city on the chalkboard and we had them give directions to each other to get around the city. That was cool. We tried to visit some more people, but nobody was home. Consequently, nobody came to church today.

Today, church was fine. The hymns were pretty easy, so it was not bad. I'm probably going to have some sort of minor hymn shock when I get to the States and realize there are so many more hymns than in Portuguese and that we sing so many more of them percentage-wise. So even though now I feel I'm pretty good at playing just about any hymn, I'll be in for a big slap in the face from reality when I get to the English hymnbook. :)

Tomorrow we're going to play volleyball for Elder Martins' last p-day in Registro, he's definitely going this transfer, and maybe I'll leave, I don't know what will happen. It's transfer week, and it's General Conference. Big stuff going down. I'm super excited for General Conference, it'll be awesome. I think I'll be able to watch it in English with Elder Rodriguez, he said he wants to watch it in English.

So that is it for me. I hope you guys have a great week and I love you guys. Until next week! Tch-tchau!

This car was one we saw parked outside the civil police delegacy. With a bunch of bricks of drugs hahahahaha. :)

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