Monday, September 5, 2016

Registro - Week 8

Hello! I guess we'll start from last Tuesday.  Elder Rodriguez got his hair cut.  I wanted to as well, but I didn't have money, because we only got money on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, I finished writing the little background music thing for Elder Martins game. For lunch, Irmã Elizabete got take-out for us, and she gave us pasta and money for Friday's lunch. I got two new name tags that I ordered with the accent on the E in Élder so they look super cool. There was some pretty big news also that the Church sent out to all the missionaries in Brazil, talking about how we're going to have to have two weeks of food storage and water and gas, in case of political protests. I don't know if you guys have seen any of this, but apparently Dilma (who was the president) left officially, she is no longer the president. I don't know if there will be a bunch of crazy protests and stuff. Also, we went to an activity on Wednesday night which was reading the Book of Mormon with a few members. Not very many show up, but it was cool/chill.

Elder Martins bought pizza to commemorate the death of Elder Martins do Nascimento and the birth of Elder Martins. :)

A week ago when we did divisions with the zone leaders, Elder Batista was here and he burned out the shower again, except this time it was just the resitencia, the little metal part that actually heats it up. So on Thursday morning we bought new things to take hot showers again. We sent the reimbursement for that. I got my hair cut, I'm pretty happy about it. I had not cut it in Registro, usually it's six weeks between hair cuts, but this time was 7-8 weeks, so I was needin' it. :) I made pasta for us two, me and Elder Rodriguez. We did weekly planning. When I went into my email to send the reimbursement for the shower head things, I saw that Sister Hammond had sent my flight itinerary... what? So that's pretty crazy. I must say I'm not looking forward to 17 hours on two planes, that'll be interesting. I understand it's probably cheaper and more convenient to go to New York first, but that seems a little bit ridiculous, that is not close at all! But what are you gonna do? So yeah, that was weird.

The futebol [soccer] activity that we do on Fridays got moved to Thursdays, so we went to that. So last week there were only 4 young men there, and somehow this week, there were 24! Twenty-two of them were not from the church, they were just from the neighborhood, so that is the power of soccer here. I think Emerson invited one of his friends, and then there was this massive chain reaction. So this time it was actually fun to watch, it was a better game.

On Friday, we made a Colombian fast-food thing called salchipapas, which is pretty crazy. We're going to do it again tonight for a family home evening that we will do with Franciele and Mateus and their family.

Friday's lunch was the pasta that Elizabete gave us so the zone leaders came over to our house to eat. Last time they did that they didn't wash their plates, but this time they did so it was better. :) Oh, President Obata called me and he did the interview for my BYU endorsement over the phone, which I was super happy about, because I didn't think he would. So yeah, he got all that sorted I think, let me know if there's something else. It scared my pants off when President called, I was like "Oh dear, what is it now?" but then it was a really enjoyable experience. So I'm glad I don't have to worry about that anymore, I hope.

On Saturday, I finished another song. In the little bits of free time that we get, I'm doing that. We had lunch with Ronei and Bibi, which was good. Also on Wednesday, we were walking around, coming back from sending the reimbursement, and this guy stopped us and he wanted to know more about our message. So that was cool, we got his phone number. So on Saturday, I called him to invite him to go to church, but he couldn't because it was raining. We're having real problems getting people to church. We have not managed to bring anybody to church this whole time that we've been here. I don't know why. It's been raining the past two Sundays, and then that gives people an excuse. So that's another thing that's a little bit frustrating. Normally on Saturdays we do the English class thing, but we went there and nobody was at the chapel to open it up, just the only two kids that do seminary here and the teacher didn't show up. It was raining as well. We visited Franciele's family again.

On Sunday, we had lunch with Irmã Christina, which started late which was perfect because it was fast Sunday. Of course lunch always has to start late on fast Sundays, it's some sort of curse or something. :) But it all turned out okay. We got the keys to actually be able to play volleyball and we invited some members and non-members to come play with us. We visited Mateus and Franciele and their family. We planned a family night that we're going to do. Oh also Irmã Christina has a jabuticaba tree outside of her house, so after lunch, we picked a bunch and it was awesome/tasty.

We played volleyball today [Monday], it made me actually miss the MTC hahaha. Just us 4 Elders and one rapaz [young man] from the ramo [branch]. But it was fun. Probably the only sport I'm actually decent at. Anyways...that is it for me, so I'll talk to you guys soon. Tchau!

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