Monday, September 12, 2016

Registro - Week 9

This week!
So last p-day we did the family night at Franciele's house, it was good. We watched a video of when Elder Wirthlin was speaking in General Conference and started shaking super bad, then Elder Nelson went over and helped him. It was good. And then we ate salchipapas again.

On Tuesday, I was super sore from playing volleyball. I was actually sore for four days this week, it took forever to go away. For lunch, Fabrizio, the lawyer who gives us lunch on Tuesdays, traveled to someplace, so he paid restaurant for us. So that was good, restaurant food, rice and beans.

Wednesday, I bought a new hat. There's a double meaning of rolé. The first is like when you go for a ride with your buddies. The more favela (gangster) meaning of it is stealing. My intention of it is going out with your buddies to ride motorcycles. :)

Wednesday was a holiday, Brazil's independence day, so everything was closed, nobody on the streets, it was very strange because as I recall, whenever it was a holiday in the states, you'd never see everything closed/ghost town, because it's the best day to sell stuff. But here it's the opposite. Same goes for Sundays as well, everything is closed. (Coming from an American more capitalist society, it's very strange.) On Wednesday we had the Book of Mormon reading thing, there were just two youth there, which was fine, it was good. Then Elder Rodriguez made this other Colombian thing, buñuelos, which basically is dough and you fry it.

So on Thursday, it was planning, and we made hamburgers and french fries with barbecue sauce. It was great! I used all my experience from helping Dad on the grill to fry up some frozen hamburgers. :)

I'm studying Spanish with Elder Rodriguez, which he's happy about. We tried to visit some people that are in the area book from other elders, but they weren't home. We visited Viviane. Because she's a teacher, one of her students showed up during the lesson. (We were talking about chastity, which isn't the most... you know... comfortable, I guess.) Anyways, her student showed up in the middle of the chastity lesson and then she actually stayed to listen to the rest of it.

On Friday, Sylvia, who is the wife of Irmão Rosete, she gave us some pasta and some beefs (that's what they say here), so we made that. We visited another person from the area book, she's pretty cool, she talks a lot, and she thinks that we are Jehovah's Witnesses, but that's fine. :) There was a big demonstration in the parking lot of the soccer stadium in front of our house, complaining about the vice president, because Dilma was impeached so the vice president took over, apparently nobody likes him either. So there was this big demonstration, and when I say big I mean like 20 people. :) They were shouting and stuff, so it was an actual protest, which was interesting. We are in the center of Registro, but Registro not close to anything, so I was pretty impressed that there would be any sort of demonstration here.

I've actually started teaching piano, so as you guys know, that means I will be transferred. :) I'll be teaching it twice a week. It is the daughter of an investigator that the zone leaders have, because she wants to learn piano. I'm not super excited about teaching, because I've realized I'm not good at teaching English or piano. Teaching is definitely not a career option for me. :) I told her to download the church manual, because that will make my job a lot easier. I hope nobody else comes. It's bad enough with one student and one piano. After that hour, it was English class at the church, and the English teacher from the adult school came with her son.

Sunday, they called a new district president and they also called a new branch president. So one of the mission presidency counselors was here, and he gave a really good talk about supporting our church leaders, what it means when we raise our hand, and the wheat and tares parable. Then we had lunch with Christina again, so we ate a bunch more jabuticaba. :) After lunch she let us pick just about all of it, so we have a big bag of it here again. It's really good. I'm trying to take advantage of it because I know it's not a state-side thing. Then we tried to visit some more people from the area book, in an effort to try to find some people to teach, but it was in vain.

We're going to play volleyball today, Monday, and we should have a bunch more people to play so we might actually have decent teams, maybe 5 on 5. Oh, there was an emergency transfer yesterday, not sure why, so Elder Batista left. The new zone leader is Elder Carlos, he was my trainee, so that's pretty cool.

Not much else has gone down. I love you guys and have a great week. Tchau!

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