Monday, October 10, 2016

Parque das Bandeiras - Week 1

Hey people! So this week, let me see what happened...

So on Tuesday, we had a lesson with Bianca and Alesandra. Alesandra is a single mom, she has three daughters who are baptized (and one that's a baby). She told us that she doesn't want to get baptized until she's absolutely sure that she won't go back to the worldly things again (she was already baptized in an evangelical church). Bianca is 17, and she is pregnant of 8 months. And Layssa was also there, but she's from the ward. So we taught them, they're very cool. Then we also visited some members Natane and Isis (which is a sick name, not in light of world events, but you know). :) Apparently Isis plays the piano in the ward, so I'm free at last! Now I just have to make sure that nobody finds out that I can play piano, for five weeks, and then I'll be free. (Not that I mind, but it would just be nice.) At their house they had Neil, he's from the Caribbean, so he really doesn't speak Portuguese at all, he only speaks English, and he has a super sick accent. Natane and Isis speak a bit of English as well, so that's how they communicate with him. Anyways...

On Wednesday, I finished Helaman in the Book of Mormon, so I'm probably beating you guys, just guessing. :) And we visited a nine-year-old girl, Louisa, that's going to get baptized this Saturday, along with her sister, Laura, who is a bit older than her. We taught her about the plan of salvation. It was fun. I've never really taught kids, but it was kinda fun 'cause you have to simplify it a lot, so it was kind of a good change, I guess, trying to teach it to a kid so that they could understand. Then we also had a lesson with other investigators, Marcia and Iara. They're pretty intellectual so they have good questions, so that's cool. We had lunch with them on Saturday, which was the bomb.

Thursday, we had another lesson with Laura and Louisa, we taught about the gospel. I did the activity where you have a tupperware thing of water and you put in a bunch of oregano. The oregano in the water is to demonstrate the bad stuff in the world. Then they put their finger in, because we live in the world, and when they take it out, it's all covered in oregano. Then you have another cup of water, which is baptism, so they baptize their finger and clean it off. But now what? You have to live in the world, just because you got baptized doesn't mean you get to live in a different world. But you have the Holy Ghost! You get detergente... dish soap... and you spread it on their finger, and then when they go to put their finger back in the water, all the oregano avoids their finger, their finger doesn't get dirty. So that's why baptism and the Holy Ghost are important. :)

The zone meeting we had on Friday, which was in Cubatão, was cool. It was a good meeting. It was fun to see everybody. So Elder Vasconselos, from my group, is our zone leader. There was also Elder Nascimento, I lived with him in Caragua. There was also Elder Gonzalez there, I lived with him in Enseada and he was also my companion in Itanhaém. Elder Moreria was there, I trained him in Rio Branco. So it was cool to see all of them. After that, we had lunch. Then we visited Bianca and Layssa again, at Layssa's house, because Bianca lives there (her boyfriend is Layssa's brother). We did the baptism object lesson again. They gave us ice cream. It's been raining a lot recently, a lot a lot a lot. Pretty much every day. Which is nice, at least it's not hot, well Saturday was hot. Then we visited Alesandra, did the object lesson with her. :)  I got a bunch of cards from the Dublin 1st Ward primary. How many wards are there in Dublin?

On Saturday, we had lunch with Marcia and Iara. It's fun talking with them. Marcia talked a lot about capoeira, the history of it and it's current deplorable state. We visited some new people. We talked to Alesandra. She talked a lot about how we're her family, we're all family. So that was cool. And she fed us buraco quente, it's like sloppy joes, not exactly the same flavor, but it's good.

Yesterday we had a stake conference, Serra do Mar Stake. I saw a bunch of people that I had seen a year and a bit ago in Rio Bronco, but I didn't really get to talk to anybody.

Then we had lunch with a member's mom, it was an awesome lunch. At the end, there was cake and fruit salad, which makes a great combo. After, the lady showed us her garden, that had a bunch of little crab things hanging out in holes, which was cool. And she paints really well, like professional legit paintings.

Then we taught Bianca at Layssa's house and they had a bunch of friends over, we talked about non-church stuff with them to try to show them that we're normal people. :) It was cool. Everybody was crackin' jokes about the other people. I was going to say making fun of the American, but they didn't, they just asked me questions. That's going to be something weird, when I come back and nobody asks me how the United States is. That's one thing that I've liked about Brazil, maybe it's a selfish reason, but you just feel like a bit of a celebrity, which is cool. I guess I better take advantage of it while it lasts because it'll probably be the first and last time that I feel like that. Dad knows what I'm talkin' about. :) Then we went to Alesandra's house. I just had a little bit of a stomach ache from how much I ate at lunch, but it was fine, I deserve it, and it was totally worth it. I think that's it from Parque das Bandeiras this week.

Happy Birthday Jacob! I didn't forget. I didn't send you anything and I'm not going to. But I'm sending you pensamentos bons de aniversário [good birthday thoughts].  I hope you have a good day Jake, I hope you are happy with your coming of age. Although, let's be honest, probably just in the sense that you're 18, not in the maturity department. :) Now you can start doing your mission papers, stuff like that. Maybe you can finally get a job, vagabondo [vagrant]! Stop being a fubeca [punk]! Bicho-preguiça, that's what you are. Bicho-preguiça is a sloth, it's the "laziness animal" as they say here. So that's what you are, a laziness animal. :)

I love you guys, have a good week! Tchau!    

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