Monday, October 24, 2016

Parque das Bandeiras - Week 3

Hello Family! So last Monday, since it was my one-year-ten-months anniversary, we were going to buy açaí but the good açaí place was closed for some reason, so that was sad. But from the bakery in front of our house, we just got little pots of açaí and condensed milk, so that was great.

What else happened on Monday? We visited Alesandra, who got back from the hospital with her baby who had the beginning of pneumonia and bronchitis, so that's better.

Tuesday, we had a district meeting in Humaitá, in the city, and because there's not a bus that goes directly from here to there, and we also wanted to save money, we just walked. It probably took an hour-ish and it was super hot. Lunch was on us, so Elder Barbosa made pasta, which was really good actually. We visited Bianca, and then we found that the açaí place that we were going to go to on Monday was open, so we went there. It was really good. You could add a bunch of fruits and a bunch of toppings, so I added powdered milk and paçoca, which is the peanut-based powder. Powdered milk probably doesn't sound that good to you guys, but it's good. And we ordered bacon pizza as well, making up for the anniversary of Monday.

It was really hot those two days, and also on Wednesday, which we walked to Rio Branco. We contacted a bunch of people, a bunch a bunch a bunch. We had two lessons, one was with Ana, she seemed pretty elect. The other one was with Alison (who is a guy) who had already been to church as a boy to play soccer. So that was cool.

Thursday, was a terrible sun, so I put on sunscreen. When it's direct sun, it's awful, but that's usually in the morning. Then by early afternoon, the cloud cover comes in, so either it just stays there and makes everything humid as all heck, or it rains. It's good when it rains because it's not hot, but on this case, on Thursday, it didn't rain, so I sweated the whole day. We visited Alesandra, and I somewhat reluctantly left them my rubik's 3x3, because the youngest daughter was interested in it, but she gave it back today. :) Isis bought a cake and some other snack stuff for us, so we went over to her house and talked to her for awhile and ate. It was great. She's 30 years old and hasn't married yet and she's a returned missionary. She's cool. (She doesn't like how there's insane pressure for a returned missionary to get married and all that jazz.)

Friday, lunch was good, the family was funny. Their son talked about all the times he had done pranks at acampamento (youth camp). Elder Barbosa had promised to the family of Bianca and Layssa that he would make pizza for them. So that was our Friday. He fulfilled his promise. He made enough dough for 20 pizzas, but we only had time to make 7 of them. It was tasty.

Saturday, lunch was cool because the guy is cool. He talked about Masons, since he has a Mason friend. Then we had English class prep with a member who helps the missionaries with English class, preparing it, because I know English but I'm not good at teaching English. So she helps with the teaching part. There was only one rapaz that went because it was raining so we didn't have it, but we'll save it for next week. Then the other ward, Samaritá, was going to have a baptism that night, so we cleaned and filled up the font for them, practiced a bit of piano. Then we had a family night with Alesandra. Elder Barbosa made banana bread and she made mousse, and I gave a message about 1 Nephi 8. She gave me a tea cup of her favorite soccer team, Corinthians, which is the only team that I don't have some paraphernalia from. I was pretty shocked about that, because it's a pretty serious souvenir.

There was a rapaz there that we've been teaching as well, Jonathan, he said that he's already gone three weeks without coffee. #baptism. I'm feeling like he's going to be my last. He's been to church the last two times. He's good.

The bishop asked me to give a talk for today (Sunday). I was the speaker... I just about said talker, that's embarrassing. :) We had lunch with the family of Laura and Louisa. It was awesome, it was stroganoff. Super good. I took a video of Lívia so you could see how adorable she is:

Then this afternoon, a couple of the young men from the ward, they left with us... that doesn't make sense... they went out with us... that's worse... they accompanied us in our missionary work, I don't remember how to say that. They walked with us and stuff. :) So that was fun. We visited Marcos, a guy from two weeks ago. We contacted a few people, and then we visited Alesandra and taught her and Jonathan again.

I think that's about it for this week. I hope everybody is doing alright over there. Everything over here is going great. I love you guys. Have a great week. And tch-tchau!

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