Monday, October 31, 2016

Parque das Bandeiras - Week 4

Hello Pessoal! [People] Happy Halloween. Guess who I am??? :) Yep, you got it! An American! It's sad, it does scare some people though... :D

In the sewage water, there weren't any "floaters," but there's always little land mines on all the roads, laid by dogs. So maybe we just couldn't see them and we were stepping on them, or maybe they had already dissolved in the sewage water. That's another thing that's going to be strange about the States, the lack of dogs on the roads, strays. Also the lack of speed bumps, because here, unless it's a major highway, there are speed bumps on every single road about every 100 feet, it's super annoying!

This week, let me see what happened....

Last p-day, it was normal. Elder Hoskisson, our district leader, asked me to give the training on Tuesday. We taught Alesandra, and her daughter Alexia wanted to know if I could help her with some math questions. I was like, "Yeah, I got this." Then it was about logarithms and I did not remember anything. So that didn't happen... pretty bad. I hope that's not the first thing they talk about in my college math class. It kinda made me not super excited for the whole college thing.

On Tuesday we had the district meeting in Rio Branco, so we walked there. We went back and had lunch and we taught Bianca. At night when we went to talk to Alesandra, her other daughter, Lohana, she wanted me to help her with her math. Her math question was much easier, it was about adding money. I was fine with that, I have not fallen that far. :) Oh, one funny thing that happened at the meeting... To start every meeting there's a hymn and a prayer and we say our purpose and then we say Doctrine & Covenants 20:37. Then it's acompanhamento: we put the names of all our investigators on the chalkboard, the ones that have a date, and the ones that need help. Under the column of the ones with a date, I put "Michael, 11/15." Even though during the meeting I laughed and erased it and said I was kidding, Elder Hoskisson continued thinking it was a real investigator, and when he called me to see how our day was, he asked how "Michael" was doing. That was pretty funny. :) I had to explain the joke.

On Wednesday, we had lunch with a less-active lady, she was cool. Her son had a Kawasaki Z1000 in the garage, which was very cool. I don't know if I had ever seen one before. I left my 5x5 with Bianca because she wanted to see if she could solve it, so on Wednesday we went to her house and got it back. Layssa's dad was there and he kept saying funny stuff like, "Don't mess with those things, you'll just get headaches" and then I solved it and he was like "What?" So that was pretty funny. We taught Camila, she speaks English pretty well. At night, there was the Family Night of the ward. There was lots of pizza, I traded some ties with one of the rapazes. It was cool. We had Jonathan, Bianca, and Jessica there.

Thursday, was planning, and our neighbor cuber/cubing neighbor stopped by because he had some questions, so I helped him and we cubed for awhile. That was fun. Our lunch was take-out, which was chill. I also taught Elder Barbosa to do the cube, he's getting it, slowly but surely. I found a different beginners method - no offense Dad, nothing against your '70s book, 'cause that will always be near and dear to my heart, obviously. :) But I found a shorter version that you don't have to memorize as much stuff and it fits on one page. It's nice and neat, I can teach you when I get back. :) We visited Alesandra and Jonathan was there, he's reading and liking the Book of Mormon. He asked me why did Nephi kill Laban if Laban was of the same lineage. That was a pretty impressive question, it shows that he really read.

Friday, Bianca had her baby, Diego. That's pretty crazy. Lunch was also take-out. It felt cold, seriously cold. It felt like a Florida winter to me. But then I looked at my thermometer and it had 74 degrees. So yeah.... :) No lie though, it felt like winter. I guess it's been too long. Coat shopping will be a necessity. :) We got a call from the Samaritá elders that they were going to have a baptism on Saturday and they wanted us to figure out the water heater thing, because it was going to be an old guy, so cold water doesn't work. We figured out the heater hadn't worked in the past because there was no gas, so we talked to the Bishop and he called a guy and we let him into the church to put in more gas or however you say it... gás. Not much else interesting happened.

Saturday, we had take-out again, three days in row. We ate in the church and we got ready for English class. Some people actually showed up, so that was good, a bunch of youth really. Then we stayed to fill up the font and heat it up. We stayed to help with the baptism as well, because we had to be the witnesses. It took the two elders and their bishop to baptize him, because they sat him in a chair and lowered him very gently into the water. So that was good.

Today, it was nice because I actually got to sing hymns, because we had a hymnbook and I wasn't playing piano or anything, so that was fun. Lunch was awesome, stroganoff. The irmão, Samuel, that gave us lunch, served in Salvador, but it was like 10 years ago, so he didn't meet Austin [Michael's cousin]. Bianca came back from the hospital with her newborn baby, so we visited her. And that was very strange, seeing her transition to motherhood. It's interesting what having a kid will do for your maturity level. That was pretty strange. I was watching Diego, one of those strange/reflective moments, and because babies are fun to watch. We taught some people, but nothing special. And tomorrow is p-day, thank goodness. Not much else. It's the penúltima [second-to-last] week. It's crazy stuff.

That is it for me. I hope you guys have a great week! I love you guys. Até mais!

12-sided, dodecahedron

The mirror cube is not hard, it's just a variant of the 3x3, same algorithms

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