Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Registro - Week 12

Hello Family! I'm coming to you guys, not from Registro, but from Parque das Bandeiras. That's right, I was transferred. I guess I'll talk about that first. So everybody left the house - I came here to Parque das Bandeiras, which is in São Vicente. (If you guys remember, my second area was Rio Bronco, it's a neighboring area, it was in the same district, but I never went here or anything, so it's still new, so it's good.) So Monday morning, we packed up all our stuff, had lunch, and we got on a bus to Peruíbe first, which was about 3 hours, then from Peruíbe we got a bus to Santos, which was another 2.5 hours. Except we got off before getting to Santos proper.  We got off on the beach to get the little mini buses back to São Vicente. So it went alright, I only got a little bit lost on the way here. It was normal, you always get lost on transfers. At least now I can find my way around a lot more easily.

So the week... On p-day we played volleyball as usual. It was very sunny and hot so we played less, but I used sunscreen, don't worry, so I didn't get burned. So that was that. Then on Monday night we had a family night at a less-active family's house. It was a lady and her three daughters (she's like a grandma, so her daughters are fully grown). There was also another lady who showed up from the branch. So it was just a bunch of girls talking and catching up, which was an absolute nightmare. :) But there was carrot cake with chocolate covering, so that was good.

On Tuesday, lunch was with Fabrício, the lawyer, and we talked about American politics, gun laws, and stuff like that, so it was cool. We taught some new people, I made salad, not much happened.

Wednesday, Elizabete, a member, bought us stuff to make lunch, chicken and rice, Elder Martins made it. Then we had divisions with zone leaders, so I went with Elder Carlos. We only taught one lesson, it was the two siblings of a rapaz that we had already taught. At first they were not really wanting to hear the message, but then they were opening up and answering questions and reading, so it was good. Then their sister got there and started cursing and cussing us out. It was pretty bad, so we left. Then there was a branch activity. The game was that I played the first few notes of a hymn and they had to guess which one it was. It was good. Then we bought pizza, because of the division.

Thursday, Elder Carlos and I went and tried to help set up the projector for Conference. We only got the image to work, we couldn't get the audio, but it got figured out before Saturday so it was fine. Then for some reason, Subway had a buy one get one free promo, so that was awesome. I bought two 30 cm (footlong) melts for 22 reais, like 5 bucks. Thursday also we helped somebody move, which was cool. They were just moving stuff out of the truck and we asked if we could help, and they were like "Yeah why not" so we helped them. It was a mom and her daughter and the mom's brother. We were going to teach them this week, but then we got transferred, so the other Elders will teach them, I hope. They were cool.

On Friday, we helped another move, because the lady asked us to. We were walking by and she was like "Oh Mormons! Come help us move!" So we helped them, that was good. Lunch on Friday, a lady from the ward paid for a restaurant, so that was good as usual. We had kind of an emergency family night at Bibi's house. I had to buy the food for it, so I bought a bunch of little cakes and soda. Lincoln showed up, but couldn't stay.

On Saturday morning, I picked up my pants that I had taken to a costureira, to a... um... a lady that sews. I don't know the word for that. :) I took my blue suit pants to get a little bit elongated and one of my khaki pants, the hem had come unsewn. She does it for cheap so I figured I'd take advantage of it. So now all my pants are good size and the hem is not loose (I hope it's called the hem, the part at the bottom.) :) We had lunch with Irmã Zelia, it was good. Then we went to the church [for Conference]. We had asked a member to bring a laptop to get English, but it wasn't really working, so we just used the secretary PC. It worked out well even though we started a bit late. In the second session, I hope you recognized Elder Bassett, he's the one that came to our mission. So that was cool to watch him talk. I kept expecting and hoping that he would say something about Santos, but he didn't. :) Then after Conference, a rapaz, Gabriel, came for English class, so we stayed until 8:15 teaching him.

Conference was really good. I don't know if I have a favorite talk, I'll have to study all of them again. I think it was President Uchtdorf that essentially gave the plan of salvation lesson, he destroyed it, it was great! It was all really good. Lots of stuff about repenting and prayer at this Conference, I noticed. I liked Juan A. Uceda's about praying, and also J. Devn Cornish's about not comparing ourselves to others. Then Saturday afternoon, Elder Oak's talk was really good, as always. Also Kazuhiko Yamashita actually used the scripture that I had used at the lunch message, so that was cool, great minds think alike (just kidding). :)  Pretty much not anybody came on Saturday, just the branch president and a few other people. Then Sunday, a few more people came, but still not very many.

On Sunday, we had lunch with Cristina. There was also the election, so Sunday morning, the two Brazilian elders had to go justify their votes, like why they wouldn't be able to vote because they weren't in their home state, so we went with them to see how it was. They just vote at a high school. I can't remember, how is voting in the United States? Where do they set up the voting stations? They asked, but I couldn't remember. So there was the election of all the city officials, Cristina had a campaign but she lost. She was close-ish, there were 13 spaces, and she got in 25th place, but considering there were hundreds of candidates, 25 is not bad. But close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. :)  

On Sunday, the hymn that they sang at the end of Conference, Let us All Press On, was the bomb, that was so good:

I liked the talk about preparing for the sacrament, definitely something that everybody could work on. I also liked K. Brett Nattress' about reading the Book of Mormon every day to your kids. And also Evan A. Schmutz' about suffering and having an eternal perspective. Conference was really good, hope you guys liked it! After Conference, the zone leaders came over, and they begged me for ties. Apparently I had never given a tie to Elder Carlos since I trained him, so I gave him one, signed it and everything.

So Monday, transfer. Lots of rubik's cube on the bus. :) I got here at 8:30 at night and unpacked and stuff. My companion is Elder Barbosa, he is from Pernambuco, it's northeast. He speaks really good English because he lived in England and Scotland for six months. The house, it's just us two that live here in Parque das Bandeiras. I'm not a district leader which is amazing, that'll be really good, I'm looking forward to not having to call people. :) It's a little bit strange, I think Elder Hesselgesser and his group is going home tomorrow or today, not sure, so that's strange, and then I'm next. So I dunno, it's weird. I haven't really come to terms with it yet, that this is the last area, last companion, all that stuff. Anyways...

It's Tuesday morning. We're going to have lunch with the Bishop. So our area is really small, compared to Registro or other areas. It's about 8 roads tall and 12 roads wide. So it's pretty small, but the frequency of the ward... that's not how you say it... the attendance! there you go... attendance is 130, something around there, so I guess I'll see this Sunday. Apparently there's a bunch of members that live close to us. So everything's been going good. I think that's it for me. I hope you have a great week and I love you guys. Até mais!

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